Amina Ahmed
Director of Exhibitions & Auctions,
Indo - American Arts Council, Inc.
Amina AhmedAmina Begum Ahmed was raised in London and moved to New York in 2000.
She graduated with an MFA - from the Royal College of Art - Visual Islamic and Traditional Art, under the guidance of Prof. Keith Critchlow & Paul Marchant. During her two years at the RCA Amina received a bursary & upon graduating was awarded the Barakat trust prize.
She holds BFA from Winchester School of Art, a distinction in Art and Design from Derbyshire University and a Foundation from Chelsea school of Art.
After Graduating from the RCA Amina embarked upon teaching an outreach program & workshops, Amina has taught on undergraduate & postgraduate courses. Her works are in private collections, she shows in London & the USA.
As well as works with Charcoal on paper a large part of Amina's work is egg tempera on gesso. Materials that are prepared is part of the work as is the practice of "Sacred Geometry" Her current series of works is Roots Weeds n'Trees, Listening. She would love to visit Kutch more and has three lovely children & only one husband in her private collection.

Amina Ahmed
Director of Exhibitions & Auctions,
Indo-American Arts Council Inc.
146West 29th St, #7R-3,
New York, NY 10001.
Phone: 212 594 3685. Fax: 212 594 8476.

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