Shahid Nadeem






" Mujahid: The Holy warrior "
Written and Directed by : Shahid Nadeem

The theme of "Mujahid" is unusual but extremely relevant to present-day Pakistan. A story of two friends who have returned from Afghanistan where they had gone to fight as "jehadis", the film follows the "reintegration" of the two young men into mainstream society. The film attempts to understand the frustration and lack of hope for our youth which leads them to take the extremist causes.

Since 9/11 and its aftermath, the Jehadis issue has troubled the West as much as the Islamic World. The film depicts the aimless and drab existence of the urban poor youth and their vulnerability to conversion to extremist causes. It hopes to make the viewers better aware and more sensitive to this "problem". "Mujahid" is also a story of a family coming to grips with its own contradictions and tensions.

Cast :

Kamran Mujahid, Bilal Chaudhry, Sumaira Yousaf, Khalid Butt, Ismat Soofi, Nirvaan Nadeem, Naseem Abbas, Javed Babar, Sajid Shah, Mudassar Hassan, Sarfraz Ansari, Tipu Sultan, Malik Aslam, Nabeel & Hassan, Tony Zafar Hameed, Amjad Khan, Neha

Editor : Shakeel Ahmad Siddiqui

Cameraman : S. A. Butt

Production Managers: Malik Aslam, Salim Shah

Post-screening discussion with Shahid Nadeem moderated by Prof. Sree Sreenivasan


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