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Directed by SRIJIT
INDIA, 2010, 128 min. US Premiere.
Bengali (with English subtitles)

Thursday, November 11 @ 6.00 PM @ SVA Silas Theatre 
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Autograph is the story of a struggling young director who musters up the courage to approach the reigning matinee idol of Tollywood with an idea for a film. This matinee idol is an arrogant man at the peak of his career. To prove a point to his detractors that he is perpetually one-­up on destiny, when the daily horoscope predicts a particular day is inauspicious for business ventures, he blindly accepts any proposal submitted on that day. As luck would have it, the middle-­of-­the-­road script is offered by the director on this very day. And much to the dismay of his cronies and secretary, the matinee idol accepts it. Here onwards, the film gets split into two parallel stories. One is of the story of the film within the film and the unconventional relationship brewing between the star and the leading actress. The other is an even more unconventional triangle between the director, the actress and the matinee idol. The two narratives are entwined as reel and real life converge and diverge through situations. The climax is where they converge. How this climax changes three lives forever forms the finale to this reel meets real story.

Director Srijit Mukherji:
An economist, statistician, actor, writer, and director, Srijit Mukherji has become a master of many trades. His foray into filmmaking started when he assisted Anjan Dutt on Madly Bangalee, apart from writing songs and acting in the movie as well. His next assignment was even more prestigious– assistant director, lyricist, and actor in Aparna Sen’s Iti Mrinalini. Autograph is his debut feature film as a director, where he has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues.
CAST: Prosenjit, Nandana Sen, Indranil Sengupta.

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