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Songs of Mashangva
Songs of Mashangva
Songs of Mashangva

Songs of Mashangva

Directed by Oinam Doren
India, 20010, 72 mins, US Premiere

Friday, November 12 @ 9:30 Pm Silas Theatre
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Synopsis: Rewben Mashangva, a blues musician and composer from the Tangkhul Naga tribe of Northeast India begins to explore past the folk music that his tribe had abandoned when they converted to Christianity. Making his own traditional instruments, Mashangva single-handedly begins to revive a musical form before his musical heritage fades completely away. This documentary portrait offers a rare look at the impact of Western style education on the Naga customs and on how a rich tribal musical tradition has slowly been replaced by Christian hymns and choirs.

Director Oinam Doren: Oinam Doren worked as a TV before he turned to filmmaking. He writes for The Northeast Today magazine and freelances as a photo journalist for Demotix and for other publications, supports social campaign with short videos, graphic designs. Currently he is developing an international feature film project Little Lama with the support of Goteborg International Film Festival. Recently, he won a Tata Fellowship for 2010 to document Angami Naga folk music. Songs of Mashangva is his first feature length documentary.

Rewben Mashangva

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