New York Indian Film Festival 2012

Gangs's Cannes experience
by Brahmanand Singh

Dear Aroon, Aseem & Vasanti ...

This is what remained unsent in the morning from what we had spoken about last night ....

A few days back in Cannes, it was a proud moment to be an audience for Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wassypur ... To be featured in the prestigious Director's fortnight, which has seen some of the finest mastersacross recent film history (Carlos Saura, Bernardo Bertolucci, Won kar Wai, Ken Loach, Theo Angelopoulos … the list is a big but hugely awe-inspiring one …)

... For the 5 hr 30 min film, with a break of 30 mins in between ... an unprecedented event in Cannes history and a proud moment forIndian cinema ... it was a packed house ... people applauded, whistled and cheered for Anurag and the cast-n-crew ... felt great for Anurag ... And proud to be an Indian !!!

Brahmanand S Siingh


PS: A few journalists are writing a lot of nonsense about NFDC and Indian presence etc at Cannes ... waste of govt money etc ... my feel is it's being done with an agenda and envy by just a few mischief mongers ... NFDC, for the past 2-3 years, ends up having one of the best parties at Cannes ... and this year's presence in cinema and delegates too have been emphatic .. Martin (of Rotterdam Film Development ) has just joined them full time from June ... Film Bazaar is picking up every year ... I feel terrible about the way people write without having done or trying to do themselves anything at all ...


New York Indian Film Festival
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