New York Indian Film Festival 2012

May 5 - 10, 2014

IANS March 19th, 2014,
New York Join in a Bollywood Flash Mob on the 20th!
Want to be a part of New York City’s next big Flash Mob? Here’s your chance! You can join New York Indian Film Festival and Ajna Dance Company in Times Square on Thursday March 20th!

Using spontaneity, the element of surprise and a whole lot of fun, this flash mob with the Bollybeat is to promote and spread the word about the upcoming New York Indian Film Festival in May. Come and enjoy the opportunity to perform at New York’s Landmark location!

WHEN & WHERE: 5:30 pm on Thursday March 20th in Times Square at the bottom of the bleachers

WHY: In addition to many many more, here is ONE reason to shock people with your random dance moves to the song of JAI HO in the middle of the street for no apparent reason, IT WILL BE EPIC!

So be a part of history being made in New York’s iconic location!

Stay tuned you can be sure we will have a video of the event and if you are there give us a shoutout!

New York Indian Film Festival
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