New York Indian Film Festival 2012

May 5 - 10, 2014

Ugly - 14TH Annual The New York Indian Film Festival Opening Night
May 7 2014, William Tompkins
Ugly - 14TH Annual The New York Indian Film Festival Opening Night

In the 90’s there was TV series set on the gritty streets of Baltimore called Homicide: Life on the Street.
It was a great show – well written and acted but there was not a sympathetic character in the cast. They all had baggage. The same goes for the film Ugly. Set on the streets of Mumbai this kidnap crime drama is gritty and dark.
Having recently been to India it is not difficult to imagine a child vanishing amidst the mean streets teeming with people.
The young girl Kali is the only character you’ll feel for as rest of the cast searching for her will leave you quite numb.
There are few if any redeeming qualities in them – police brutality, infidelity, betrayal, greed, the list goes on.
From a filmmaking stand point you couldn’t afford to blink or you could lose the story quickly. The numerous flashbacks and style of editing made it hard follow at times. Was I in the past or present?
The event itself was very nice. We met some nice folks at the opening reception.
Aroon greeted the crowd in the auditorium with a short speech at the start of the film. She sounds like an interesting woman.
The only complaint I had about the event itself was that The auditorium was soooo cold. I never took my coat off.
Thanks again!  

New York Indian Film Festival
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