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Cast Of Characters
Vulture #1 / Vulture #2 / Vulture #3 / Vulture #4
The vultures have a hermaphroditic quality, working the continuum of masculine-feminine. They smoke cigarettes
occasionally. They instigate, inform, and bait.

Pushpa (Yamuna’s Mother) – loves her children fiercely. Eager to please the groom’s family; aware of social
expectations; in denial of reality.

Shazia (Muslim Servant) – servant to Yamuna’s family and best friend of Yamuna. Smart, sassy, shrewd, courageous. Thinks quick on her feet.

Yamuna (Hindu Bride) – is sexually innocent (at first.) Confident of her sewing and math skills. Calculating in the
second act.

Sardarji (Sikh Tailor) – Family man; sassy.

Veena (Jiwan’s Mother) – smart, demanding, aware of the social/political situation around her. Wants the best for
her family.

Jiwan (Hindu Groom) – playful, gentle, hard working, practical.

Masterji (Muslim Tailor) – married to a Hindu woman. Loyal, accommodating to the families he’s tailored for many years.

Kundun (Bride’s Hindu brother) – loyal to his family but confused about the competing needs of different family
members; struggling to find his footing as the patriarch of his clan.

Khan Mia (Muslim Neighbor) – Wealthy, land owning patriarch of the village. Has served as a surrogate father of sorts to Yamuna and Kundun. Old friend of Yamuna’s father. Is torn about how far to act on loyalties.

Maqbool (Muslim Sweetmeat maker) – married, working class man who wants to move up in the world. Feels betrayed by his sisters’ brutal death and turns on his neighbors.

Pritham (Jiwan’s Father) – loving guide to his son; confused and scared about what to do with his family in face of the political situation. Level-headed.

Asif (Masterji’s Apprentice) – Muslim, young, impressionable man caught up in the perpetration of violence and

Tamana (Sardarji’s servant) – another innocent, unsuspecting victim of the carnage. Deranged by the time
she appears in the action.

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