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Vinod Dave

The Family


Lot No# AB2018

Vinod Dave
The Family
Mixed-Media on Photographic Print
Work done in 1984

Artist’s Statement & Bio

My work combines mediums and interlinks the traditional and the contemporary. The photograph intermixed with purposeful slashes and strokes punctuate the composition with broken shards and a fragmented imagery that blend regardless of time and form. Taken out of the black & white columns, print and headlines, the photograph now takes its reference from and has its bearing in the energy and the suggestive potentiality of color.  
When using images of divinity, I interpret popular images into personal statements; I have paid homage to and also “quarreled with the Gods”. But it is not a revolt for a change. It is to heighten the tension between the dualities: the powerful and the weak, the controller and the controlled, the privileged and the deprived, the unique and the commonplace.

I lost vision in my right eye in an accident in which, ironically, one of my own paintings hit my eye. As a result, I see with one eye only without perception of depth and spatial distance. This condition made me invent a different way of "seeing" that has lack of spatial depth. Therefore, my work uses graphic mark making juxtaposed with fluidly painted surfaces and forms to create "a feeling of spatial depth" with help of contrasting opposites as a substitute that also helps heighten the tension of the opposites. 

EDUCATION: 1956-2007.

  • Digital Film-Making, New York Film Academy, New York, 2007
  • A+ Computer and Web Design, Micro Power Institute, New York, 2003.
  • Cibachrome Printing, International Center of Photography, 1990.
  • MA in Mixed-Media, Highest Honors, University of South Carolina, 1984.
  • MFA in Painting, Highest Honors, M.S. University, India, 1976.
  • BFA in Painting, Highest Honors, M.S. University, India, 1974.

EXHIBITIONS: 1978–2007.

  • Have held solo exhibitions at: Jehangir Art Gallery and Tao Gallery, Bombay (2005); Gallery ArtsIndia, New York (2004); Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore (2003); Apparao Galleries, Bombay,  Madras and New Delhi (2000); Bose Pacia Modern, New York City (1998); Gallery 7, Bombay and  Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi (1997); Gallerie 24,  The Hague  (1994);  Center for Contemporary Art, New Delhi (1990); Gallery Chemould,  Bombay (1986 and 1993);  Girdharbhai Sangrahalaya Museum, Amreli, India (1987): Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad (1983); Max Mueller Bhavan, Bombay (1981); Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay (1980); Hutheesing Visual Art Center, Ahmedabad (1979) Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi (1978 and 1982);
  • Have had invited participation in: Mueller-Plate Gallery 10th Anniversary Show, Germany, 2007; ERASING BORDERS at Queens Museum (2006);   HOME AND THE WORLD at Rutgers University (2005); TIMELESS VISION at Peabody Essex Museum, Salem (1999) and at Haggerty Museum, Milwaukee (2000); KALIGHAT PAITING at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, (1999);  EPIC REALITY at Houston Contemporary Art Museum (1997); THE OTHER WAY OF SEEING at Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam (1992); ); 


  • Had won the following fellowships, awards and grants in recognition of creative accomplishments: NYFA/FEGS Grants for Digital Film-making, 2007; New York State Consortium for Workers’ Education Grants for Computer Literacy (2003);  Beaumont Foundation of America Technology Grant (award of a laptop computer) (2003);   New York Foundation Arts Recovery Grant (2002);  New York Association for New Americans Grant (2001);  Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship (1994);  Artist’s Fellowship of the New York Foundation for the Arts (1990); 

COLLECTIONS: 1975 – 2007 

My art works are in the following collections: National Lalit Kala Akademi; Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi; Punjab University Museum;  Lintas India;  Tata Corporation;  Max Mueller Bhavan;  Swedish Embassy;  Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam;  Peabody Essex Museum;  Lufthansa German Airlines; Asian American Arts Center;  Asian Cultural Council;  Darpana Dance Academy, India;  Haryana State Tourism Corporation; Chester and Davida Herwitz Trust;   The Alkazi Collection and private collections.


AUCTIONS: 1995–2005

    • My works have been auctioned annually by:  Sotheby’s and Christie’s, CRY Foundation, South Asia Against AIDS Foundation and Pakistani Literacy Fund for charitable fundraising purposes. 


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