Erasing Borders: Passport to Contemporary Indian Art  Feb-June 2008  

Asha Ganpat

      Childhood Home       My Collection
      Title: "Childhood Home"
      Medium: diptych, Digital C-Print
      Size: 20x30", , 2007
      Two real estate posters of my childhood       homes,complete with a description of all the       amenities.
      Price: pair $200

     Title: "My Collection"
     Medium:Contracts for souls, wax, glass,2006;      1quart each 2006; With contracts I go into            public places and ask for strangers' souls      offering nothing in return.
     The contracts are sealed folded and then into      jars. The jars are largely indiscernible from      
     one another.
     Price: each 12 jars $500

      Art Vending Machine       Spare the rod, spoil the god
     Title: "Art Vending Machine"
     Using the typical vending machine seen
     at the exit to the grocery store,
     I invites spectators to own a miniature
     version of a work of her art for a mere dollar.
     Every artist should have one of these.
     Price: $1.00 each / $300

     Title: "Spare the rod, spoil the god"
      Medium:-The wooden spoons and bars of      soap god used to punish god as a child; 40       relic boxes, 2007
     Inspired by the Christian doctrine "spare the      rod, spoil the child."
     This work was created in a residency, and      based on conversations about which traits a      mother of god might share with an everyday       woman,
     i.e. post-partum depression, Munchausen's      biproxy, etc.

     Price: each 38 boxes $200


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