American Addiction



Director & Producers & Cast

Ishal Shah's

"American Addiction"

(104 Mins)

This film is the first of a triology focusing on the ongoing struggle faced by a diverse group of South Asians making a film. It deals with the clash faced by South Asians when balancing culture and passion, as well as the frailties of the human ego. It expresses the power of the human soul when driven by passion and the extent to which that passion provides the guiding light towards success.

Directed by: Bryan Poffenberger

Cast: Vishal Shah, Rita Rani Ahuja,
Mitesh Patel, Artee Patel, Sanjay Manu,
Fabiola Francesca Tera

Date: Saturday, Nov. 8th, 6 :00 PM

Location: Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (@ 2nd Street)
New York City, NY

USA 2003

Moderators: Post-screening discussion with cast moderated by TBA

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