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Where did you get this idea for this film?

We thought it would be interesting and different to make a South Asian film that would
be unique in comparison to the same old stories depicting South Asian youth growing up
in America. We wanted to create an innovative and original concept focused on what it
takes to make a film but still capture the intricacies of our culture in the process. At the
same time, the theme of interpersonal relationships and working together, as well as the
complicated nature of making ;an independent film, is something that should be
interesting to the audience.

Did you guys write the script yourself?

Yes, we wrote this script a short: time ago. It: was a collaborative effort between cwo of
the individuals on our team relying on accurate depictions of what the problems and
personality conflicts are that rise to the surface when undertaking anything of the
magnitude of making a film. The second and third parts of the trilogy have been
developed and formulated as well.

For a low budget Rim, how did you guys manage to work out all of the scenes and

Everyone in filmmaking knows that the hardest part is raising a budget That is why we
developed a team who are talented in different areas of making a film, and thus, using
this talent, we will be able to make a film in a very cost effective way, yet still true be to
the artistic depiction of the film.

How does the website tie into the film?

We wanted to be different from most South Asian filmmaking companies. We wanted
to develop a product that is both unique, technologically advanced, and at the same time
very commercial. Using technology, we have developed a website that is comprehensive
in its information and is true to the product. We want a worldwide audience to be
aware of the film and be entertained by it!

How did you guys decide to choose this particular music in the film?

Again, we wanted more of a modern film targeted toward an entire generation of South
Asian youth and adults alike. The film is more hip and we wanted the music to represent
that. The music is a blend of modem American and South Asian music to go hand in
hand with the theme of the film.

How did you guys learn to shoot a Rim and do all of the stuff accompanied with it?

Individuals in the production team have attended film school and/or have the knowledge.
The entire cast and crew were some of the most hardest and dedicated people that we
could find for this project. The rest is left to our individual passion.

Do you have degrees in any of these areas?

The entire crew is multi-talented. There are individuals with college degrees in business,
as well as those who possess specialization :in photography, video production, graphic
designing and web designing,

How did you guys get interested in film?

Well, we have always had a passion for mating films. We were recently inspired by the
entrance of more South Asian films in the American market, but were tired of watching
the same old crappy South Asian films based on the same subject matter and same topics.
We wanted to come along and make quality films and revolutionize the South .Asian
industry. The fact we are making a trilogy is in and of itself a unique concept.

Ever made a film before?

We made some short films, but this Is our first feature length film,

I haven't seen any of them.

No, no one has!

What is your goal with this film? Theatrical or Rim festival distribution?

Both. We are confident that our film will be embraced by not only the South Asian
community, but also the entire American audience as well because its themes are
universal and its message is clear. As such, we plan to distribute the film theatrically so
that as many people as possible 1201 have exposure to watching it We also plan to
expand globally and take it to other countries, including the U.K. and India.

What themes does the film possess?

You'll just have to see.... The main theme that should be evident is one man's passion
and the extent to which that passion and dedication allows him to achieve his dreams.

Where have the main actors come from?

We had put on a huge nationwide casting call for members within the South Asian
community who have an interest in the arts. Our goal was to be involved in the
formulation of new stars and help in the continued development of current stars. Thus
far, the response has been unbelievable and exceeded expectations. People from all over
the world have been supportive and have sent in their information to us. The cast that
we ha\« compiled and their accomplishments speak for themselves.

Does this Rim have anything to do with your experience in making your film?

Good question.

Did you receive a lot of support from members of the South Asian community in making the Rim?

There were many within the community who were very encouraging and offered their support. There were also those who thought it would be impossible to make a South Asian independent film. But as we've demonstrated, it is time for the South Asian community to be represented in the film industry and we were not going to stand by and watch our community get trampled.

How did you finance the Rim? What was the budget?

We financed the film through investors and sponsors within the South Asian
community. As for the budget, we'll let you surmise based on the film's superior quality.
But just to give you a ciue, the budget was less than the budget for Waterwold.

Oh boy, that narrows it down. Come an, you can tell us.

No. You'll just have to buy the behind-the-scenes DVD.

What do you see happening with this film?

You want an honest answer?


It will take over the seven seas.


It is a combination of a superb story and spectacular direction and acting. More so, it is
something different, something that has never been done before. It is a story full of
emotions, so close to real life that you will be swept away in the drama and escapism.

What do you see happening after this film is released?

We plan to make a trilogy of films connected to this one concept. It is not a small venture, but rather something on a grand scale. To know what we're talking about when we mean a trilogy, you'll have to watch and understand the film. For anything as big as this, you can never rest on your laurels. We are already beginning work on the second film.

When was the company Indo-American Films, Inc. established and how do you see
it progressing?

Indo-American Films, Inc. was established in the Summer of 2001 and has been in its
strategic developmental stage since. We see Indo-American Films, Inc. expanding into a
global entertainment and media corporation dealing with a combination of producing
films and other entertainment-related ventures, such as music deals and book
publishing. Our goal is to have Indo-American Films, Inc. be the preeminent
entertainment company for South Asian ventures and help those who are interested in
the arts propel their visions.

What Is your main goal with this film company?

As is evident, our main goal is to provide more opportunities for South Asians in the creative arts and Lo bring South Asians to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Anything less will not be acceptable on our part!

Was it a challenge to raise the money? Do you see many people doing thesame thing?

It was challenging, but that is really what determines how bad you want it. This is just
one of the many aspects of filmmaking, and we knew it would not be easy when we
started. But we're here, and it's done!

Do you think there is an ovcrsaturization of South Asian films in the market?

Yes, definitely. And they all seem to deal with the same concept of growing up in
America and balancing that with a South Asian culture. Nonetheless, it is still beneficial
for more South Asian films to come out and represent the community. Every time they
come out, it is one more victory for us.

Thanks for taking the time.

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