American Addiction



Director & Producers & Cast


American Addiction, an epic drama focusing on the plight of a young man chasing his dreams, is a dramatic depiction of the path taken by a South Asian when making a feature film. The film deals with the clash faced by South Asians when balancing culture and passion, as well as the frailties of the human ego. It expresses the power of the human souJ when driven by passion and the: extent to which that passion provides the guiding light towards success.

Jay, an idealistic 25 year-old aspiring actor, tires of the struggles of achieving success within the entertainment industry and seeks to take matters into his own hands by producing his own film, Along the way, a core team of dedicated and motivated individuals is brought together to follow their dreams, or so it seems. Conflict arises as the realities of the filmmaking process dawn on each member, and the introduction of a pivotal player sends the team into chaos, crumbling that which they had worked so hard to build Jay is faced with the question of what true love really is and how deep his passion lies within to follow his dream.

American Addiction is a riveting drama that provides a glimpse Into the dramatic events and inner turmoil leading up to the final minutes of the production of an Independent South Asian film, where intricate balances are stricken between one's culture, one's pride, and ultimately one's passion, and the only sure thing is that nothing is for sure.

American Addiction is the first in a three-part trilogy focusing on the ongoing struggle faced by a diverse group of South Asians making a film. It follows the rise and fall of a core group of characters and the obstacles they face in their adventure.

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