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Pavan Grover is a unique newcomer to Hollywood; an up and coming young screenwriter and a dynamic actor who is actually Or. Pavan Grover an advanced pain-management specialist who runs a private practice in Houston, Texas. Always wanting to be an actor since childhood, Pavan deferred his movie ambitions on the advice of his mother who wanted him to have a secure career before launching into the unpredictable world of writing and acting. Having established himself as a prominent physician, he has now set his sights on Hollywood, and his mother hiis helped him through raising funds and producing his first film.
Dedicating his career to easing people's pain. Dr. Grover has successfully spread national and international awareness on the many options available to patients who experience extreme pain and suffering caused by life-threatening illness such as cancer and heart disease.
In 1996, Dr, Grover appeared on a live national broadcast- as the administrator and joint pioneer of a PDA-approved study. He successfully implanted a pain-abating electrode close to the spinal cord of a patient suffering from intractable angina. The procedure was dubbed a medical breakthrough fro not only blocking pain caused by heart disease, but for increasing the blood flowto-fhe patients heart.
At this time. Dr. Grover was Medical Director (1994-96) for the Memorial Center for Pain Management; a muttidisciplinary facility staffed with physical therapy, psychology and neurosurgery specialists at the Memorial Hospital Southwest. Before that, Dr. Grover was a staff Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist within the Grater Houston Anesthestology group for board certified anesthesiologists and the Director of Acute Services at Houston's Herman Hospital.
In another national media appearance. Dr. Grover appeared on "Larry King Live" in 1994 to debate the benefits of pain management with a notorious proponent of assisted suicide, Dr. Jack Kevorkian. The broadcast resulted in the successful anesthetic treatment of a patient with terminal cancer who believed, prior to meeting Dr. Grover, that the only way to relieve pain was to end his life. In 1992, Dr. Grover completed a fellowship under world-renowned pain specialist. Professor Michael Cousins, at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia and completed his residency at the University of Texas Medical School's Department of Anesthesiology in 1991. He earned an honors in Surgery and Family practice in 1989 at the Robertwood Johnson Medical School and un
undergraduate in Pre-med in 1983 at Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Dr. Grover's research has been published in prominent medical journals including Anesthesiclogy News. He has presented key research studies to colleagues at medical conferences held In Seattle, New York, Washin9ton D.C, and San Diego.
He has also traveled to Ecuador as part of a Good Will Mission to treat patients and give seminars to local doctors in mountain villages. In 1995, Dr. Grover was among an elite group invited to attend a special White House reception hosted by First Lady, Hilary Rodham Clinton that honored prominent Asian American figures.
Dr. Grover's interest in the media has led him to host and produce a weekly health segment for American r»ews program. "Texas Today" He has been featured on Peter Jenning's "World News Report"; "Good Morning America"; "Discovery Channel'; and "PBS"; with reports in the "New York Times'; "Associated Press" and on "National Public Radio".
Dr. Grover's day does not end at the clinic however; Pavan has a burning passion for films. Aside from his interests in medicine, Pavan has deep interests in acting in the mainstream. To accommodate both worlds, Pavan creates his own acting opportunities by writing and producing his own films. Unspeakable is one of six scripts he has written in his spare time between performing' surgeries.

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