Bombay Boys




Three expatriate twenty-something Indian boys, one each from New York, Sydney, and London, arrive separately at a Bombay airport. A chance occurrence brings them together and they spend the next three months in the country of their ancestry. Each of the three young men brings his own emotional baggage the misconceptions, stereotypes, and myths that they have wrapped around the country they belong to, yet are unfamiliar with, even ignorant of.

Each carries a personal objective for their trip, and each brings with him pre-conceived opinions about the country. Having been born and brought up abroad, but of Indian parents, they seem misplaced in both cultures. They bring their misconceptions here and end up finding that Bombay is a lot more than they bargained for a city, which overwhelms them with its progressive, buoyant, energetic frenzy and in the process destroys every stereotype they came with..



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