Dance Like a Man






Dance Like a Man is based on a play written by Mahesh Datani, one of Indiaís leading playwrights. It is a powerful human drama which also provides an insight into contemporary Indian Social scene. In an interplay of the past and the present, the tragic and the comic bleed into each other.

Ratna and Jairaj, two Bharatnatyam (an Indian Classical dance form) dancers, past their prime, live in an antique filled mansion that once belonged to Jairajís authoritarian father, Amritlal Parikh. In their youth, with no independent means of livelihood Jairaj and Ratna were exposed to the ire of the father who did not understand their devotion to dance. He believed, like many who were less knowledgeable, that Bharatnatyam was a craft of prostitutes. He felt that no self -respecting person should perform such a dance, let alone a man.

Two decades later, the couple are forced to confront their troubled past when their daughter Lata, preparing for her debut as a dancer brings her fiance Vishal into their home to meet her parents. Exposed to an alien environment from his own, Vishal acts as a catalyst to reveal dark secrets of the familyís relationships and its generational conflicts.






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