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What the critics say about Genius the movie:

'Wow' Ch 9 wtisa, 9am News

'Best Feature Film' Awarded by Valleyfest Film Festival, Tennessee, 2003

'A giant summer entry' Regis Brown, President, Black Independent Film Distributors

'Very interesting' NBC4, Arch Campbell

'Genuinely touching' Professor P. Rollberg, Chair, GWU, Film Studies Program

'I was speechless.' Douglas Waltz, on-line cult film entertainment

'Outstanding' Robyn Rennick, Psychologist at Dyslexia Institute in Florida

*My favourite film from our festival' Dr Sheila Jackman, Learning Disabilities Specialist and Festival Programmer (Other films at Seclona included the Academy Award nominated 'Spellbound' and Nicolas Cage's 'Sonny')

'It would not be an overstatement to say that "Genius" truly presents a clean and intriguing work of art which speaks to all cultures.' Pakistan Link (second article)


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