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Pakistani Director ventures a Hollywood movie:
Monday December 08, 2003 (0500 PST)

Film ‘Genius’ is very pretty to look at, directed by Babar Ahmed, a Pakistani, in Hollywood. Babar Ahmed has won multiple awards for his short film 'Mother & Son', and 'Genius' is his first feature.

Last month, “Genius” was presented at the world premiere of one of the most famous and competitive film festivals, the Sedona International Film Festival. “Genius” was given the most coveted slot - the festival’s opening night - along with Academy Award-nominated “Spellbound,” and Nicolas Cage’s latest highly acclaimed movie, “Sonny”.

The audience’s response to “Genius” was described as “electric,” winning praise from both critics and festival attendees.

Pakistani Filmaker Babar Ahmed is looking forward to the May 20 DVD and Video release of "Genius", his film about a young boy's struggles with dyslexia.

His movie "Genius", is the nation's first mainstream American movie to be produced and directed by a Pakistani Muslim.

"Genius" wins 'Best Feature Film' at Valleyfest Film Festival

Karachi International Film Festival will screen "Genius" on Tuesday, 16 Dec, 2003. (3pm)

Babar Ahmed, a Pakistani, has directed the movie, venturing among Pakistani film directors in hollywood.




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