Amisha Upadhyaya

USA 2002 (21 mins)

Cast: Maya Israel (Nasima), Sanjay Chandani (Adult Adam), Humza Nomani (Young Adam), Erin Gilliland (Nadine), Benim Foster (Sean), Susham Bedi (Taslim)


A couple faces the dilemma of what to do when their unborn child is diagnosed with a potentially terminal birth defect. As they journey towards a decision, the husband reveals that this same disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, had taken the life of his mother. Through reflections on memories of his mother and the effects the illness had on his family, the couple arrives at a decision and in the process, strengthens their own drifting relationship.

Adam and Nadine have been drifting apart in their marriage ever since they were told that their unborn child may have a potentially terminal birth defect. As Adam recedes yet again from his wife, locking himself into his pottery studio, memories begin to surface. As he shares these childhood memories with Nadine, he also reveals his secret: that the child has a genetic birth defect, a disease that had killed his own mother. Thinking he would never have to deal with it, he had never told Nadine. After the initial shock and anger subside, Nadine empathizes with Adam’s reservations about having to witness the pain of his mother again in his own child. Together, they come to a decision for this dilemma in which nothing seems to be the right answer.

The film visually attempts to portray the impact the past has on the present, reflecting how at any given moment, there are several factors figuring into a truth of a moment which sways a decision. The story is also about the passing down and reinterpretation of tradition through the generations—from hobbies and careers to religion.

Most important, the story is about unconditional love, best depicted in the bond between a parent and child: of how that love is tested, of what one does in the name of that love, and the great risks and greater rewards of succumbing to it.


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