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Partner organizations partner with the IAAC for individual films. Partners are not expected to lay out any money (except the amount of their ticket sales) are not expected to organize the relevant screening or anything related to
it may organize film parties following their screening at neighbouring venues e.g. beer & pizza parties at the Den of Sin.

As a Partner, the organization will receive:

  • discounted tix for their members ($10 instead of $15)
  • ability to place their literature on the relevant table throughout the festival
  • ability to have a designated table with their representative for the specific screening

A Partner organization must:


  • advertise the entire festival to their membership
  • send a copy of their advertisement to the IAAC
  • try and sell out the relevant film to their membership (this is not mandatory)
  • collect ticket money from their members and buy the relevant amount from the box office for the discounted price
  • distribute tickets to their members

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