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Indo-American Arts Council Inc. is proud to co-present the screening Babaji, an Indian Love Story, at the 33rd Annual Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, November 12-15! All screenings are held at the American Museum of Natural History.

Hair India

Hair India

Raffaele Brunetti and Marco Leopardi
2009 • 75 min • India, Italy
New York Premiere

Legend has it that in order to pay for the wedding of Vishnu to the Goddess Padmavathi, the gods’ treasurer granted a long-term loan to be paid off by future generations. Today, Hindu believers still offer money and jewels to service the centuries-old debt. The very poor, we are told, sacrifice their only possession—their hair. At an impartial remove, Brunetti and Leopardi follow the course of this hair as it is sheared in an ancient, sacred ritual, sold at auction to the highest bidder, and ends up strutting down the red carpets on top of the world’s most famous heads. Featuring Sangieta, the editor of Hello! magazine in Mumbai; Mayoor, a hair wholesaler in Bangalore; Thomas, an Italian who repackages the hair into extensions; and Hemlata and Gita, a mother and daughter who trek to Simhachalan Temple to make their offering, the documentary observes these ordinary people as they negotiate life’s pressures and problems. One part of India is sacrificing their “crowning glory” so another part can look good. By thoughtfully interweaving these various narratives, the filmmakers leave us wondering, in the end, which part is really better off.

Sunday, November 15
8:00 pm, Program F27

Brunetti in person

For all Mead programs enter at 77th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

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The 2009 Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, the longest running showcase for international documentaries in the United States, celebrates 33 years!

American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, New York 10024

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