Motiba's Tattoos



Praise for Mira Kamdar's
Motiba's Tattoos

"From the Bible to the Odyssey to Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, the journey or quest
has been a staple of Western literature. MOTIBA'S TATTOOS is a welcome addition
to that list
- The Washington Post

"Colorful, poignant, humorous, and beautifully told."
- Abraham Verghese, author of The Tennis Partner and My Own Country

"Kamdar provides evocative descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India
. .. her family's story illuminates a much larger picture of the Indian experience in the 20th century.
- Seattle Times

"The history of the Gujarati diaspora is one of the great unwritten narratives of premodem globalization. This finely written, well-researched memoir is not just an important first step towards the telling of this story: It is also a very good read."
- Amitav Ghosh, author of The Calcutta Chromosome and The Glass Palace

"MOTIBA'S TATTOOS is the story of leaving home, severing roots, and losing one's tribe ... a triumph of sorts for the family and yet another colorful addition to the complex cultural mosaic that is America."
- India Today

"The remains of the exotic world Kadmar salvages in MOTIBA'S TATTOOS are not only a glowing historical account of the life and times of her gifted and graceful grandmother, but a tribute to the endowment one generation offers to another."
- The Portland Oregonian

"Heart warming and lovingly told."
- Jain Spirit

"Fascinating . . . with infinite variation, this story can be told about millions of people all over the world, people who began in 1900 in a rural village and ended up hard on the year 2000 in one of the planet's metropolises."
- The Earth Times

"The tremendous power of [Kamdar's] story and her gift for rich, vivid decription make
[MOTIBA'S TATTOOS] absorbing and memorable.

- The Register Guard (Eugene, OR)

"In the end MOTIBA'S TATTOOS becomes not only a story of the Indian diaspora but
also the history of an American family.
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Kamdar brilliantly captures the experiences of the Indian diaspora in the twentieth century. . . . The account ofMotiba's odyssey through the 20th century is effectively blended with the wider context of world events, Motiba's Jain religion and culture, Asian Indian emigration to the United States, and the author's own experience of growing up in two cultures. . . . Highly recommended."
- Library Journal

"A fascinating tale."
- Booklist


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