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Nilita Vachani’s
(published by Other Press)
Nilita Vachani's Homespun
May 13, 2008. 6:30-8:30 pm.
Aicon Gallery, 206 Fifth Avenue, NYC.
Please join us for cocktails, a book reading, sale and signing.

Music courtesy Deepak Kumar Pareek

RSVP: 212 594 3685.

About Homespun: "When Nanaji was shown Naneeji's photograph, he looked at it for a long time. He had said 'no' so often that it was surprising when he looked up and said 'yes' just like that. They were married a month later. Nanaji was 17, Naneeji, 15."
But the photograph had lied. A marriage between the nationalistic Nanaji, deeply committed to Mahatma Gandhi, and Naneeji, equally committed to her wardrobe, could only spell trouble.

Spanning three generations, from India's struggle for independence against British rule, up to the present day, HomeSpun traces the lasting imprints of war and the search for peace at levels that are both historical and familial. Setting inmotion an irreversible chain of events, a cast of unforgettable characters criss-cross and affect one another in unlikely ways: a Bombay movie producer with a love for pakoras, a fighter pilot who never should have been one; a war correspondent who stumbles upon a disquieting truth; and at the heart of the story, a young girl on a fractured quest for family. Painted on a wide canvas with a deft and intimate hand, HomeSpun's reach is alluringly diverse: it is at once historical saga, military intrigue, and a funny and moving coming-of-age portrayal.

About Nilita Vachani: Nilita Vachani is a filmmaker and writer from New Delhi, India. She now lives in New York City with her husband and two children. She has produced, directed, and edited the award-winning documentary films, Eyes of Stone, Diamonds in a Vegetable Market, and When Mother Comes Home for Christmas, HomeSpun is her first novel.


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