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Life is all about growing and changing. A lot of times we all wish things would not change and life would go on as it is but that cannot happen. The true meaning of life is in adjusting and accepting these changes.

"Reflections" is a story about a woman, Nicole who has lost her husband in an accident. The husband was an U.S. Air Force Pilot and was killed in service during the Gulf War. The loss of her husband created a void in her life, which was filled by her young son Justin. Like any mother Justin became the reason for her life. Their relationship and love just grew over the years.

Now ten years later Justin has grown up into a young man out of school. Like any boy he has changed and evolved into what he is now. However Nicole is still in her past. For her, her husband just died yesterday. She even treats Justin as the same little 8-year-old boy of hers. She can still taste the pain and anger of her husband's death. Nothing has changed for her. Until one day Justin surprises her by presenting her with his acceptance letter for the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Now Nicole has to choose between her son and her pain. Will she let her son grow up and become the man he wants to be? Can she stand up to her fears? Her present has become a reflection of her past.

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