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Salma Arastu

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The Lyrical Line, Salma Arastu. Book launch - October 11, 2009 4 - 6PM
About the Book

"Lyrical Line - All flowing and Embracing" is unique to the genre of art books by emerging artists.


The book is based on the theme of what unites people from diverse communities and the human values that bind them together. The theme is very topical here in America and all over the world at present, especially with the kind of changes that we have seen happen and those that are continuing to unfold. There may be very few art books published in the recent months on such a theme. This is a distinct edge over the competition.

Art books generally are based on the artist's techniques. The Lyrical Line shows a mastery of the techniques using more than 120 images which consistently show the execution of these techniques. Most of these images are in private and public collection which is an endorsement for the work content, subject matter and techniques, far beyond what art critics may have to write for the work.

The book represents the work of this artist done over the past ten years and in that sense the subject matter in many works is modern and speaks to the current generation.
The palette is of refreshing colors and it appears to have been assimilated from the experiences of diverse locations and cultures.

For the serious art patrons this book has a great deal of academic support from curators and academics of art. It has excerpts from a huge collection of press notices as well. While there is not too much of write-up for each painting, there are original poems which compliment the paintings.

The book is presented in a handsome format and layout and is produced by using very standard practices of publishing. The suggested retail price is US $45.00


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