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The Lyrical Line, Salma Arastu. Book launch - October 11, 2009 4 - 6PM

Salma Arastu’s oeuvre, thoughtfully brought together in this delightful book, is seminal in helping us tap into our inherent capacity to trandcend cross-cultural boundaries. Arastu’s dynamic style through textural application of colors combined with undulating, rhythmic flow of line, moves us to hear the harmony in our hearts, paving way to peacefully engaging with all.

- Ayse Turgurt, Curator and Art Consultant, New York

"Salma Arastu drapes social issues in sparkling colors and creates a stark contrast of beauty and human suffering. Her free-flowing, lyrical style, shows movement towards higher aspirations, giving women hope for a vibrant future. Her blend of calligraphy, use of vivid color, juxtaposed with strong symbolism of societal concerns, lifts the viewer to a higher consciousness. Her artistic quality is amplified in the contrasting use of the colorless and the colorful, making her subjects distinct, and appealing . Her use of poetry opens a window into the soul of the artist."

- Daisy khan, American society for muslim advancement

"The book, which thoroughly documents the work of this prolific artist, is beautifully designed. Of particular interest are the works that explore visual traditions of Salma Arastu's native country."

- Charlotta Kotik Curator Emerita, Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum

"This luscious book fills the reader/gazer with wonder at the pure spirit available in the human soul. Salma Arastu has spent thirty years diving inward and bringing out a fresh vision of who we are as a people and a species. Her work is seminal, original, grounded and yet full of wings. I close my eyes and see her figures dancing - a beautiful offering! The gift of this art is magical, profound and transformative."

- Carolyn Brigit Flynn, editor, Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women

Salma Arastu's images are both beautiful and inspirational, while her own story let's us know these qualities have been earned. At Tikkun magazine we have discovered that it is harder than one might think to find such images that help us all to envisage and build a caring world. Thank goodness for Salma Arastu.

- Dave Belden Managing editor, Tikkun Magazine

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