Anand Gandhi
Cast and Crew
Screening of SHIP OF THESEUS followed by Q&A w/Anand Gandhi
Crew List
Written and directed by: Anand Gandhi
Produced by: Mukesh Shah, Sohum Shah, Amita Shah
Co-produced by: Anand Gandhi
Executive Producer: Ruchi Bhimani & Mitesh Shah
Director of Photography: Pankaj Kumar
Edited by: Adesh Prasad, Sanyukta Kaza, Satchit Puranik
Sound: Gabor Erdelyi, Tamas Szekely
Original Music: Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor
Original Song ‘Naham Janami’ Composed by: Rohit Sharma
Production Designers: Rakesh Yadav, Pooja Shetty
Costume Design: Shriti Banerjee
First Assistant Director: Adesh Prasad
Line Producer: Ruchi Bhimani
Casting: Arushi Nayar
Publicity Design: N. Zihani Choudhary
Special Makeup: Dilip Naik
Post Production Supervisor: Sidharth Meer
Production Company: Recyclewala Films Private Limited
Cast List
Aida El Kashef as Aliya Kamal, Neeraj Kabi as Maitreya, Sohum Shah as Navin, Faraz Khan as Vinay, Vinay Shukla as Charvaka, Amba Sanyal as Bhanu Ajji
If the parts of a ship are replaced, bit-by-bit, is it still the same ship?

A blind photographer, celebrated for her intuitive work, successfully captures the essence of her experience in her photography. However, she also struggles with insecurities over authorship in the context of larger questions about subjectivity and intent in art.

An erudite monk, who is an ideologue and practitioner of non-violence, and involved in animal rights activism, is forced to make a choice between death and medicine - medicine that is either derived from, or tested on animals. As death closes in, he requestions all the ideas that he has always taken for granted.

A young stockbroker has a frictional relationship with his grandmother, whom he nurses in a hospital. When it is discovered that a neighbouring patient has had his kidney stolen, he starts out on a trail that leads him to a kidney tourism racket. Altruism and concern leads him to confront the recipient of the kidney, eventually making him discover how intricate morality could be.

Following the separate strands of their philosophical journeys, and their eventual convergence, Ship of Theseus explores questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death.
Anand Gandhi – Writer & Director
Anand Gandhi is a filmmaker, playwright and artist, deeply interested in philosophy, evolutionary psychology and magic. His work in theatre, television and short cinema has been appreciated by audiences around the world, and has won him several prestigious awards in the past decade. Ship of Theseus is his first feature. He is now engaged in producing cutting edge, contemporary world cinema under his banner Recyclewala Films Private Limited. Director's Filmography: 2012 THE SHIP OF THESEUS 2006 CONTINUUM (short) 2003 RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW (short)

Mukesh Shah – Producer
Recyclewala Films is an independent film production company established by producer Mukesh Shah with a vision to produce artistic, edgy and engaging films for both Indian and international audiences. The focus is on working with emerging talents who carry a unique voice, and are conscious of the need to engage their audiences in an intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically stimulating cinematic experience. Apart from SHIP OF THESEUS, the company is currently involved in the production of Rahi Barve’s debut feature TUMBAD.

Sohum Shah – Actor, Producer
Determined to experiment and challenge any stereotyping right at the onset of his career, Sohum Shah plays a young Stockbroker in Ship of Theseus, a character diametrically opposite to his breakout performance in BABARR. His line up includes Rahi Barve’s dark period mood piece TUMBAD, and Anand Gandhi’s next feature. Determined to act and partner with young cutting edge directors, Sohum Shah might easily be the face of the changing Indian cinematic landscape.

Aida El-kashef - Actor
Aida graduated from the high cinema institute class of 2008. She Worked as an assistant director in several commercial and independent films, directed 3 short documentaries and 2 short fiction films. Her graduation short fiction "Rhapsody in autumn" won the Silver Muhr in Dubai Film Festival and several other awards through out the Arab world. She co-founded "Mosireen " in 2011, a citizen journalism media collective based in Cairo. She plays the part of the Photographer in Ship of Theseus.
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