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Ship Of Theseus a film by Anand Gandhi
New York Dreams
Ship Of Theseus movie screening in NY
Sophisticated… Intelligent… Unexpected grandeur. The film demonstrates an assured grasp of philosophy as well as the intricacies of cinematic language. - Variety

Consistently gripping, strikingly intelligent and occasionally laced with surprising humour. - Senses Of Cinema

An astounding tour de force… an elegant documentary style drama. - British Film Institute

Cleverly plotted, with a feeling for character that transcends the limits of allegory. - The Age

A hypnotic blend of stunning visuals and gripping dialogues. Anand Gandhi's astonishingly brilliant debut Ship of Theseus stops being a motion picture and becomes a dialogue with yourself. - The Telegraph

Contemplative and densely layered. Gandhi and cinematographer Pankaj Kumar's breathtaking visual poetry gives us a sense of Mumbai as an entity unto itself, further blurring the line between the individual and the environment. - Hollywood Reporter

Thought-provoking and visually stunning. To say Ship of Theseus is wondrous is an understatement. - Huffington Post

Cerebral, visually stunning and completely different to anything we've seen before from Indian cinema… [a film] aiming at art and importance rather than mere profit. - Screen International

Gandhi's film is unlike anything you have seen at the cinemas this year. - Reuters

An intellectual, contemplative film. - The Globe & Mail

A deeply stunning look into philosophy, identity, and values. - The Torontoist

Leaves the audience with an understanding of the subject matter that only true art can. A must see. - Digital Journal

Leaving aside the astounding artistry of Gandhi, Ship of Theseus is noteworthy in one other aspect: it has introduced to us an actor the likes of whom hasn't been seen in Indian cinema for decades - Sohum Shah. If the film deserves five stars, then this man deserves at least a constellation. - News Laundry

Once in a while comes a film like this one, which along with shaking your core, also manages to make you grateful for being a humble part of the audience. 'Ship of Theseus' is one such rare film. - Mid-day

An extraordinary achievement. To miss it would be tantamount to missing one of the finest Indian films of recent times. - NDTV

The film truly impresses, as much for its assured direction as for its ability to make you think. - Hindustan Times

A sweeping philosophical, intellectual and emotional experience that demands the audiences' involvement from the very outset and in return rewards them with questions, answers and everything in between. - Wogma

Stirring… Razor-sharp and lifelike dialogues… A passionate and clever film, brimming with sharp and original interpretations of age-old philosophy. - Livemint

By far the most original, the most poignantly realised, the most thought-provoking film… A fulfilling experience, a film to savour much after watching it. - Indian Express

Anand Gandhi's debut is a stunning piece of filmmaking and taking this ship is highly recommended. - PlanetFury Praise

Ship of Theseus is an absolutely rare and profound piece of cinema, full of wonder and enlightenment. Anand Gandhi has proved himself as a groundbreaking filmmaker. - Hugo Weaving, Actor

I feel fulfilled as an individual, as a film-maker and as a student of cinema. I want to thank these guys for making me a happier and hopefully a better human being. - Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Filmmaker

The truthful conviction of every character in Ship of Theseus is what, as an actor, I have long striven for and never quite achieved! The actors deserve a standing ovation. The film is a quantum leap for the kind of film-making which doesn't undervalue the audience's intelligence and which at the same time strives to connect because it seems to matter greatly to the film-maker that his point gets across. This film really should herald a new beginning for meaningful cinema in India. - Naseerudin Shah, Actor

I have rarely seen a film in India which has so much power in its simplicity. - Shekar Kapur, Filmmaker

An extraordinary film... Probably the most brilliant film to have been made in India in decades. Anand Gandhi is a filmmaker who leaves you with a lot. - Anurag Kashyap, Filmmaker

To those who want to experience a vision - that elusive thing every film claims to have but few exhibit - SOT will be water after a long walk in the desert. Anand Gandhi's vision made me forget that I was watching a film. Through astounding technique and painstaking detailing, he managed to draw me into his vision of life without me being aware of it. I will see Ship of Theseus many times in my life. To most, I would advise to watch at least twice. Once, to enjoy it. Then once more to cherish it. - Dibakar Banerjee, Filmmaker

Ship Of Theseus is a gem of a film, one of the finest I have seen come out of Indian Cinema. Visually stunning, great performances, excellent music and sound design. The director is fully in command of this ship! - Aamir Khan, Actor

Ship of Theseus is a profound and fearless film. It is fearlessly contemporary, fearlessly un-noisy and utterly beautifully observed. - Arundhati Roy, Writer and Activist

Anand Gandhi's 'Ship of Theseus' is Kieslowskian in scope and delivery, playing between serendipity and causality, but it took me that crucial step further in its rediscovery of the human. - Anand Patwardhan, Filmmaker

Ship of Thesus. A must, must , must watch. Go with lots of patience and you shall be rewarded with a 'life' time experience... - Atul Kulkarni, Actor

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