SUR – The Melody of Life

Sur is a story of conflicting emotions – a famous musician’s ambition to find a great voice and introduce it to the world, as well as of jealousy and cheating. But it is also a story of acceptance and realization - and the triumph of love.

Vikramaditya Singh is a famous singer who also runs a music school. His ambition is to find a great new voice and introduce it to the world as his greatest discovery. He discovers Tina Marie in a small Goan village singing in a church choir. Impressed by her voice and singing skills, he takes her under his wing and trains her himself. In the process she falls in love with him.

However, when Vikramaditya realizes Tina’s brilliance, he is overcome with jealousy and feels threatened, he tries to break her confidence in herself. He agrees to let her sing with him for his new album but sabotages her performance by completely overpowering her and taking the credit for one of her compositions.

Shattered, Tina returns to her village. When Vikramaditya realises what he has done, he follows her and discovers that she has entered the convent. He manages to persuade her to return and sing with him at the concert arranged by his music company to release his new album.

Minutes before the performance which forms the thrilling climax of the film, he deliberately withdraws from the scene. Panic stricken, the management puts Tina on stage who sings to a thunderous applause. Listening to her voice Vikramaditya realises that Tina has finally become this great star he had always wanted to create.

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