The Indian Diaspora





Tomandote/Two for Tea

Isabel Gardela, Spain.
93 mins.

Starring: Zack Qureshi, Nuria Prims.

Gabi, a 30 year old writer, returns to Barcelona to pick up a prestigious award for erotic literature, after three years of experiencing life on the edge in Madrid. Her reputation as well as a rumour that she recieved the award in return for personal favours, causes Gabi to rush out of a press conference. She takes refuge at the home of her best friend Raquel.

Gabi meets Jalil, an Indian Muslim, at a 24-hour florist near Raquel's apartment. They fall in love and spend the summer together. Problems arise after he visits his family in India. Differences are magnified by his demands, and her refusal, to change. She is a very liberal Christian, he is an ultra conservative Muslim. Each is determined to remain true to him/herself. Tomandote is a dark, romantic comedy.

Saturday November 9th, 2002. 3 p.m.


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