The Indian Diaspora






Pavan Grover

101 mins.

Starring: Dennis Hopper, Pavan Grover, Dina Meyer, Lance Henriksen, Jeff Fahey

Unspeakable is a tense and terrifying psycho-thriller that explodes and reconstructs a classic story, a compelling and modern retelling of beauty and the beast set in the extreme life of death row. The legendary Dennis Hopper plays the beguiling Warden who just might be more psychotic than the animals caged in his prison. Diana Purlow (Dina Meyer) is a fiercely independent, emotionally isolated psychiatrist testing out a new technology, 'brain fingerprinting', which dissects memories to unearth crimes and their solutions. Dealing with the sexual politics of a woman in a man's world, Diana momentarily escapes the pain and distrust of relationships formed after a painful history with tne Governor (Jeff Fahey) and develops a father-like affinity with Pitchford (Lance Henriksen). Diana seeks her redemption through saving forgotten souls on death row. Through her machine she discovers an innocent man about to be executed. Having to watch his graphic electrocution, Diana is drawn towards testing the 'brain fingerprinting' on possibly the real killer, Jesse Mowatt (Pavan Grover). Jesse is an extraordinary, archetypal anti-hero, bursting with loneliness and rage. A portrait of human potential gone awfully wrong, he embraces darkness in all of its extremes. Yet, as chilling as Mowatt can be, there is still a part of him that yearns to be recognized as a human being- Diana is mysteriously attracted and frightened- The developing dynamics of their participation turn into a cat and mouse relationship- They dance back and forth between psychopath/aspiring psychiatrist, deranged psychoIogisVtherapeutic patient with the undercurrent of a dark, gothic romance. By the end of the film, their relationship becomes twisted and complex and it is obvious that both characters have had a profound impact on each other. Diana uncovers deep secrets and shocking truths about who Mowatt really is and what he means by her being "the one". In a suspenseful and unpredictable finale that involves the wild and scary demise of the crazed warden. Unspeakable becomes an adrenaline pumping emotional roller coaster ride. It deals with the nature of evil, questions about the death penalty and the unspeakable evil we repress inside ourselves.

Friday, November 8th, 3 pm

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