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Puran the Puppeteer, Rahman the Magician, and Maya the Acrobat are just three of the talented residents of India's Kathputli Colony of street performers who, for more than sixty years, have built their tiny, patched shacks and workshops and a vital, tight-knit community in the alleyways of western Delhi. The colorful, clamorous Rajasthani slum, celebrated in Salman Rushdie's novel Midnight's Children, was home to 3,000 practitioners of India's ancient folk arts – snake charmers, fire eaters, contortionists, musicians, and circus performers – and their families whose children were tutored at the earliest ages to carry on their traditions.

In 2010, the Indian government sold the land to developers with plans to erect Delhi's tallest skyscraper and a luxury mall, and soon after, relocation permits were issued. Tomorrow We Disappeartakes us through the dramatic last days of the community, following the artists' fight to protect their homes from devastation and the possible end of their vibrant way of life.
Join New America NYC for a screening of Tomorrow We Disappear and a post-screening discussion with the filmmakers on the years they spent getting to know the artists of the Kathputli colony and on the loss of culture and tradition, all over the world, that modernization and gentrification bring about.

Follow the discussion online using #NANYC and by following @NewAmericaNYC.   Tomorrow We Disappear will be released digitally on iTunes, VOD, and through their website, twdfilm.com.

Beth Dembitzer @bethdembitzer
Curator, Social Cinema@New America

Aroon Shivdasani @aroonshiv
Executive & Artistic Director, Indo-American Arts Council

Jimmy Goldblum @jgoldy492
Co-director and Producer, Tomorrow We Disappear

Adam Weber
Co-director and Producer, Tomorrow We Disappear

Fazeelat Aslam @FazeelatAslam
Co-producer, Tomorrow We Disappear

Aseem Chhabra @chhabs
Journalist and Festival Director, New York Indian Film Festival
The Indo-American Arts Council is a 501 ©3 not-for-profit secular arts organization passionately dedicated to promoting, showcasing and building an awareness of artists of Indian origin in the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts and folk arts. For information please visit www.iaac.us.
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