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* Premiere forum where 14 established and emerging writers will meet and network with the film community

* Panel Workshops with Industry experts on "Where's The Money", "It's Done, Now What?" and "Where's The Audience?"

* Program will run from Nov 8 -9 coinciding with the Mahindra Indo American Arts Council Film Festiva

New York, NY, September 18th, 2007: The Indo-American Arts Council announces the launch of its first annual edition of Script Link, a program designed to foster relationships between the film industry executives and writers of South Asian descent. Script Link is the first program of its kind that focuses on the South Asian community and will present 14 screenplays from writers whose unique voices have immense potential in an increasingly global marketplace. These writers represent established and emerging talent with projects suitable for development, production or representation. Script Link will run from Nov 8 - 9, 2007 during this year's Mahindra Indo American Arts Council Film Festival, held from Nov 7-11, 2007 in New York.
As the premiere forum, Script Link is committed to helping South Asian talent find its growing audience, and in turn, provides audiences everywhere with an opportunity to see films that reflect the changing demographic of global entertainment. This first edition of Script Link will provide the selected writers the opportunity to interact with potential investors, development executives, producers and agents in prescheduled meetings. In addition the writers will participate in industry workshops such as "Where's The Money", "Now What?" and "Where's The Audience?"
Pooja Kohli Taneja, Festival Director, says, " We are proud to present this platform to celebrate a multiplicity of filmmaking voices. Script Link is about identifying talent and fostering professional relationships. We are extremely proud of our selections this year, solicited from Alumni filmmakers who have presented their previous work at the film festival and look forward to being a catalyst for many new and exciting projects."
The selected projects cover diverse themes and genres - some are ready to be developed into features, while others offer excellent writing samples for films that are already in development.

Buboo Kakati, Emmy-winning Writer, & Director, whose project ‘The Castle’ was selected says My background as an Indian and as someone who is also very entrenched in American society informs my work whether directly or indirectly, with the ultimate goal of creating an entertaining and solid product, that is also marketable.”
Many of the participating writers such as Aditya Basu Bhattacharya, Shonali Bose, Rehana Mirza and Radha Bharadwaj have successful track records in filmmaking, and others are seeking their first break in the industry. The IAAC is proud to support their work and provide them with a forum to foster new networks and progress their filmmaking career..
Shonali Bose, writer & director of award-winning film 'Amu' whose project 'Chittagong' was selected says, "I am delighted to be in Script Link and look forward to participating in it. It's a great initiative by the festival and could be the key to the making of my next film!"
The international group of writers featured within was selected from a pool of accomplished applicants who were exclusively invited to submit their latest projects. Project dossiers can be requested by writing to scriptlink@iaac.us.
The Castle (Buboo Kakati)
A couple moves into their newly renovated Manhattan apartment only to be haunted by its hidden past, which, to their worst fears, is linked to their future.
Chittagong (Shonali Bose)
They dared to defy the most powerful Empire.
Delilah (Radha Bharadwaj)
A gorgeous young former football hero, paralyzed waist down, and his East Indian companion-caretaker make for an odd couple as they join forces to avenge an old crime.
The Hungry Hour (Priyanka Kumar)
When her Mom's professional life clashes with her Dad's personal life, 10-year-old Madhu takes matters into her own hands and runs away to find her real home.
Jimi (Himkar Tak)
Jimi, a determined 15 year old Black kid from the projects of Brooklyn, hunts for a treasure he believes will make a better life for him and his father.
Love Me Forever (Dante S. A. Deen)
Ayesha has only one wish: to make her husband fall in love with her.
Meant To Be (Amitav Kaul)
A global pop-culture inspired romantic adventure comedy musical about a failed quixotic named KRISHNA and his trans-continental quest to find a "true love", or at least one he can survive.
Phantom Code (Nikhil Kamkolkar)
A private investigator tracking down a missing girl uncovers a twisted web of illegal human experimentation by a mysterious group in this neo-noir thriller.
Preeti Girl (Todd Holmes)
A young woman in rural India decides to rebel against her community's long tradition of roadside prostitution.
The President Is Coming (Anuvab Pal)
A comedy about seven Indians, a US President, and a handshake that will change everything.
Salangai (Anu Gopal)
When a young Indian bride's traditional duties conflict with her life long passion for dancing, she embarks upon an emotional journey that threatens her future.
The Singh Enterprise (Aditya Bhattacharya)
The rise and fall of a Sikh ganglord in Brooklyn - Based on a true story. 
There's Something About Marriage (Rehana Mirza)
Sonia's avoided the marriage obsession. Actually, she's got no game. Now, circumstances force her into finding a groom when she can't even get a date.
Under the Bubble (Tanuj Chopra)
The vigilant spirit of the Old West collides with millennial exhuberance in UNDER THE BUBBLE, a blistering Sergio Leone-inspired "seared ahi" western set amidst the 1999 Silicon Valley California's decadent dot.com explosion.

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 Friday, November 9th, 2007
09:00a-10:30a Orientation
10:30a- 1:45a
12:00p-01:00p Meetings
01:00p-01:45p Lunch
03:30p-04:30p Meetings
04:30p-06:00p Cocktail Reception
10:30a-11:45a Panel: IT'S A WRAP … NOW WHAT?
12:00p-01:00p Meetings
01:00p-01:45p Lunch
02:00p-03:15p Panel: WHERE'S THE UDIENCE?
03:30p-04:30p Meetings
04:30p-06:00p Cocktail Reception

About Script Link
Script Link is a premiere forum where a select group of established and emerging writers/filmmakers can develop and foster new relationships with film industry representatives, including producers, financiers and distributors, as well as other fellow filmmakers.

Script Link is committed to helping South Asian talent find its growing audience, and in turn, provides audiences everywhere with an opportunity to see films that reflect the changing demographic of global entertainment.  


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