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Application for 2019 Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance
Please note that you will not be able to save this form. You need to complete this form in one sitting. It is recommended that you draft your answers in a separate document, and then enter them on this form in one sitting.

If you have questions on the form, you may contact us via phone +1 212 951 7395 or email
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Company Biography
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Will you need a visa in order to come and perform in the US in Aug/Sep 2019? *

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Section II - Details of the Proposed Work
Dance style you are submitting (e.g., Kathak, Odissi, etc.) *
Title of the proposed work *  
Type of proposed work *  
If group work, specify the minimum & maximum number of dancers needed
Type of music *  
Music credits * Choreographer *
Names of all performers  
Short description of project *
Include description of the work and reference your movement aesthetic and inspiration. Please limit to 700 characters.
List of venues where this work has been performed
Total length of the proposed work *  
Minimum length of an excerpt *
The excerpt you present should ideally be under 13 min, since that is generally the longest time frame a given artist/group gets to performs
Link to a video of the work *
This can be youtube, vimeo, dropbox, or any other link
Link to videos of alternative works (optional)
You may submit up to 2 alternative videos for consideration as part of the same application
Link to 3-4 high resolution digital pictures with Photo credits *
Include link to a Dropbox folder which includes the pictures and a separate file with photo credits
Please mention any special technical requirements for the proposed work
I certify that I hold all the necessary rights for the submission of this entry
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