New York Indian Film Festival 2015

May 4 - 9, 2015

The Asian American Film Lab
72 hour shootout
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This will be an unique opportunity to develop your skills in Editing with one of the best Film Editors in activity. You will have an educational experience of excellence in a small and intimate group of only 25 participants maximum (Only 12 places still available), with Tariq Anwar, 2 times Oscar Nominated, who was responsible for the editing of films such as America Beauty, The King's Speech, Revolutionary Road, Law Abiding Citizen, The Good Shepperd, Tea with Mussolini, and many more.

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This 2 days intensive workshop will take place in our partner school ECIB in Barcelona Spain and will be a great opportunity to learn the best techniques in the subject, The workshop has a price of 449 Euro (359 Euro with 20% Discount until 16th of February) per person for the two days, and is strictly limited to 25 participants, we advise to register fast to guarantee your place.

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About Tariq Anwar
Tariq Anwar is an Indian born British editor that in the last 30 years built up an impressive career that led him to no less than two Oscar Nominations, two BAFTA prizes and one European film award. We can safely say Tariq Anwar is one of the greatest film editors in activity.

He started out in television in the editing department of the legendary Dr. Who series in the seventies. Since then he achieved some of his highest moments working alongside Sam Mendes in films such as American Beauty (where his amazing edit awarded with an Oscar Nomination) and Revolutionary Road.

Tariq is well known for his great work in Tom Hooper´s The Kings Speech (where he was awarded with an Oscar Nomination) , Nicholas Hytner´s Madness of King George, Robert De Niro´s The Good Shepperd and Franco Zefirelli´s Tea with Mussolini.

Tariq has more than 65 editing credits, such as “The Crucible” by Nicholas Hyter starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Rider, Under Suspicion starring Liam Neeson, Ian Softly’s “The Wings of Dove” and “The Object of My Affection”, Jessica Lange “Cousin Bette”, “Focus” with William H Macy and Laura Dern, Christine Jeffs “Sylvia” with Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Craig, F Gary Gray’s “Law Abiding Citizen” with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.
Most recently he achieved great success in Mike Newell´s Great Expectations.

Anwar´s filmography speaks for itself and guarantees the high standards our participants have come to expect from FEST FILM LAB.


It is important to note that this will not be a workshop to teach you edit with any specific software, but instead it will enhance your capacity to edit in your mind, before you actually use your tool. It is about your decision, your choices and your options as an editor.


Introduction of the participants and Tariq, the participants will then be showed some clips of the work made by Tariq , analyzing some choices and options made in some of his works, generally sharing experiences of editing in the industry. Topics include the following:
Focus on how to help the story flow through the editing, and best processes.
How to serve the narrative through effective editing.
How to employ narrative techniques to create tension.
How to edit your characters/ actors and performance (practical examples of problem solving and good decisions)
How to apply the craft in different genres. The impact of genre on editing styles
Influence of great films, film history to help work. ( musicals, horror, thriller, shakespeare, study )

Technical aspects of the job - looking at recent project showing workflow.
Low budget, high budget?
How to work with sound, music and special effects.
Practical exercise. The participants will be given footage (a small scene) to work two weeks before the workshop, all participants will show their work at the workshop, the group will then analyze each editing, and learn from each other’s work. Chris will give his insight on each edited version of the footage. The participants should at the end be self-conscious of their editing choices, as well as aware of the other options taken by the other participants. The relationship with the Director, DOP, Producer and other members of the film crew. How to be a part of the whole process of film and television production and not merely as the final stage, becoming collaborators, not just efficient technicians.
The market reality for Editors, Agents, Rates, and finding your own work

The workshop designed for Editors, Directors, Sound Editors, Film Students, or anyone interested in entering the Film Business on the area of Editing

16 hours
Duration: 2 days
Dates: 9th – 10th May 2015
Location: ECIB Barcelona
Price: 449.99 EUR (359.99 with 20% Discount until 16th of February)
Maximum number of participants: 25


New York Indian Film Festival
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