New York Indian Film Festival 2016

May 7 - 14, 2016

Opening Night Film: Nachom-ia-Kumpasar (Let's Dance to The Rhythm)
Lets Dance to The Rhythm
Lets Dance to The Rhythm
Lets Dance to The Rhythm
Lets Dance to The Rhythm
Lets Dance to The Rhythm
Opening Night Film: Nachom-ia-Kumpasar (Let's Dance to The Rhythm).
Directed by Bardroy Baretto
Cast: Vijay Maurya, Palomi Ghosh, Prince Jacob
Screening Tickets: Red carpet, cocktail party, film screening, post-screening discussion. $100 general admission; $75 IAAC members.

Gala Benefit Dinner Tickets: Red carpet, cocktail party, film screening, post-screening discussion, Gala dinner. $500 general admission; $380 IAAC members.

Synopsis: 'Nachom-ia Kumpasar' is a konkani feature film- a tribute toGoan Music and her Musicians. Narrated through the emotional rollercoaster of a love story destined to tragedy, it celebrates GOan music through the eyes of its ecletics generation of musicians in the 1960s and 70s. The film weaves its lilting narrative through 20 timeless konkani songs that convey the timbre and texture of a pitch and rhythm they made their own. Nachom-ia kumpasar is a nostalgic tale set in the times these musicians lived and died in unrecognized, unappreciated and unsung

About the Director:
Bardroy BarettoMuch like the Goan music that he is so passionate about, Bardroy Barretto landed up on the shores of, what was then, Bombay, wide-eyed and curious about the magic of cinema and its power to mesmerise all who conusmed it.
starting out in 1987 as an asst. cameraman, his innate inquisitiveness drew him to the editing room. His own little comfort zone where he blossomed into one of the country's finest editor's working with cutting-edge talent from thew world of advertising and short films. for 10 years and more, the native Goan boy saw great succes as a Senior Editor. And went on to win accolades at the national and international broadcast events for some of india's top media companies. In 2002 he embarked on his journey as a Director and by 2004, his boutinque production house Brown Skins had become a formidable banner in the competitive world of advertising film production Today, inspite of his undoubted commercial sucess in the city of dreams, Bardroy, still a staunch Goan by birth, soul and deed, ensure that he contributes time and effort to keep the flame of Goan culture burning. it was this persistent desire to do something worthy enough to display the richness of Goan tradition that led to this marvelous tribute to the lives of Goan musicians and their unsung contribution to the indian film industry. A story that simply needed to be told, it eas however easier said than done. And only after a herculean effort across 10 long years did the film finaly begin to takie concrete shape and go on the floors. Today Bardroy's decade-old dream stands realised. And what we have is amoving saga of Goa's epic love affair with her music that stands proudly against the limited notion of the land being only about fun, football and feni.

Video: Let's Dance to The Rhythm

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