New York Indian Film Festival 2017

May 7-12, 2018

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Qube Wire is an easy to use, secure and reliable DCP and KDM Delivery System. This replaces the inefficient method of physically delivering the DCPs to theatres and film festivals around the world and to obtain the correct server certificates to issue the right KDMS. The DCP once uploaded in to Qube Wire, could be assigned to any Qube Wire partner film festival without need of uploading again. The same uploaded DCP could also be ordered to directly deliver at cinema located in any part of the world through Qube Wire partners. For more information, please visit

Here are the steps to follow to digitally deliver your film DCP for playback at New York Indian Film Festival 2018.

  1. Open an account for your production/distribution company on Qube Wire (
  2. Download Qube Wire App installer from ( and install
  3. Open Qube Wire Desktop app and sign-in using Qube Wire website credentials
  4. To upload the DCP, either press (+) sign on the Qube Wire App or just drag and drop the folder of the DCP which you want to upload
  5. Once upload is complete, the DCP will get listed under movies tab in your login of Qube Wire website
  6. The time to upload the DCP will depend upon the data upload speed of your internet connection
  7. Select the film which you want to assign to the festival and select Assign to Film Festival from Assign drop down menu
  8. Select New York Indian Film Festival 2018 from Film Festival drop down menu
  9. To enable digital delivery, select Provide access to DCP and click next to confirm the delivery

If your DCP is encrypted, please get a DKDM generated from your mastering facility for your Qube Wire account certificate and upload that on your Qube Wire account. Once the DKDM is uploaded, you would be able to assign playback keys to the festival by selecting Assign Rights option and providing keys validity. It is not necessary to upload a DKDM if you wish to use Qube Wire just for digitally delivering the DCP and will manage your KDMs separately.

For more information, please refer to info video at

Alternatively, you can drop off your materials at any one of the Qube offices around the world. See all locations here:

Qube Wire support is available to help you with this process. Contact them at or at any of the following phone numbers:

Americas: +1 (424) 343-2691
Europe: +44 (1625) 800086
Australia: +61 1800-401191
Asia: +91 (44) 4348-8850


New York Indian Film Festival
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