Erasing Borders: Passport to Contemporary Indian Art  Feb-June 2008

Veru Narula

Veru Nerula Veru Narula  
Artist Statement – Veru Narula

"I paint to explore the power of hands, the destruction of the ego, and the beauty of the mind, in order to reveal the light of a universal soul." - Veru Narula.


To look at our time on earth as a fleeting moment of the cosmic expansion is to be bound by true humility. And yet, in this time, we take on an ever expanding search for something deeper to the human experience. We share time with our families and friends, flourish in relationships, strive in our professions, and perhaps even parent a child. Man's span of time is relative, but our impulses extend beyond to the purpose of our place in a larger sphere.

Art Goes Hand in Hand

They're used in building the pyramids of Egypt or bandaging the wounds of soldier. They're employed to demonstrate prayer and reverence to one's God, or to scroll over this webpage with a mouse. The use of hands in Art can be taken quite literally, or you can look beyond to their significance. Blessing, shaking, approving, admonishing, telling someone to f* off, terrorizing, forgiving, providing, sharing, discovering or cherishing love…the gestures of Hands symbolize acts, the performance of deeds, and are core to our experience. They are personal, profoundly unique, and inherently universal in our lives. They are apart of my art.

Art Thy Ego

The greatest destructive force comes not from calamities of nature, nor from the wrath of the cosmos, but from within. Scriptures in the East & West have described it in different ways, but the collective force is the same. This smothering of the human spirit, from examples personal and those of global infamy, stems from one inherent demon: the Human Ego. Pride of mind is great poverty. Let Art be a reminder of its destruction.

Mind the Art

I am a believer in the laws of cause & effect, and the Mind is no exception. For every action, there is a reactive effect. It is not a shocking concept, and the axiom has been around in the scientific psyche for a few hundred years. In fact, our collective minds have traced causes and effects from Darwinism to confucianism, from nanotechnology to iPod blogs, and from political agendas to space empiricism. Thus, it is only natural in the 21st Century that we question what it means to know. What do you think? Thoughts are caused by physical conditions, past experiences, and subconscious triggers. In the mind, thoughts are bonded by chemistry, carried along on electrical synapses, and altered by our bodily senses. So as we advance as a people, do we ever really experience the full capability of the human mind? And if so, what is its effect? In a paradox, our minds must be both protectors and provocateurs of a reality. And yet, at the end of the day, there remains an innate challenge to our paradigms. I paint to unfold this realization towards a Universal Truth.  

An Ambassador of Soul

I serve the viewer as the ambassador of the Soul. As such, I dutifully work to continually present artistry, prevent self-satisfaction, and represent manifestations of humanity's brilliance.

I thank you for your time spent with my art. I thank you for sharing your light.


School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, Fine Arts Coursework                                                         2005-2007
Columbia University, New York, NY, Bachelors of Science                                                           2003   

Honors:   2003 Columbia University Senior Marshal Award


Apex Art, New York, NY: “Most Curatorial Biennial”                                                                             2007
ifood TV, New York, NY: “Beyond Borders Event”                                                                                2007
Columbia University , New York, NY:                                                                                           

  • Permanent Installation: “A Holi Trance”2003
  •  Solo Exhibit “The Experience of Hands”2003


  • Novelist: The Vital Breath                                                                                                            2005
  • Author of the novel The Vital Breath
  • Coauthor: Yoga for College Students                                                                                        2002


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