IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011   

Aaliyah Gupta
Aaliyah Gupta

Aaliyah Gupta



Over the years, my work has been rooted in the ideas of connection and interdependence, nurture and sustenance, microscosms and macrocosms. Most recently, natural disasters across the world have fueled my interest in the idea of dispersion, the movement of light, color and particulate matter. The dispersion of ash, smoke, clouds, wind, water have had a global impact on multiple levels, transforming entire geographies, economies and communities. On a more micro level, I have been exploring the themes of symbiosis and coexistence, looking at complex organisms like lichens that are made up of several organisms that exist in a symbiotic relationship known as mutualism. Surviving in the most inhospitable environments, these organisms are dependant on each other for their survival.


Aaliyah Gupta was born in Kolkata, and has lived, worked and exhibited in India, Denmark and the USA. Her work includes landscapes that serve as metaphors for political upheaval to large charcoal drawings that are deeply personal. She lives in Seattle and is deeply committed to social change work and actively involved in the struggle to end violence against women, as well as in immigrant rights and civil liberties campaigns. Aaliyah received an MFA in painting from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1990.

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