IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011   

Aamir Khan Tarin

Artist Statement

For many years, I have been inspired by the walls and doors in the small neighborhoods throughout Pakistan. I have always imagined and framed them from straight angle of view as if looking through an orthographic angle. I try to keep them as flat as possible, but at the same time surreal. Those walls may have no historical importance, but they tell day to day stories.  see people interacting with those walls day and night. Their textures, layer upon layers and the environmental, social and political contributions, have made them a complete artwork. Their aesthetic feel has had me locked for many years.

My work is self explanatory. I use elements from different walls to express very simple ideas, like poems but in one short sentence. Using elements from the wall is basically to confine my approach within my own rules and boundaries. I like to play within the forces of boundaries with unlimited possibilities, its a basic requirement of my palate and technique. Its almost like improvisation in classical Raga while staying within the boundaries of its Thaat. My technique and selection of pigment is rooted in my subject.


Aamir tarin was born in 1964 in Karachi Pakistan. He now lives in New York and works in Connecticut. He Studied fine arts at Central Institute of Arts and Craft Karachi Pakistan. After graduating in 1986, he started participating in group exhibitions, but soon, found himself a critic of his own work and ideas, and decided to push painting aside as his lowest priority for the time being. Back in early 90's, he started researching about computer graphics for film and animation and received some basic training on high-end computer graphics systems from USA and Canada.

In last twenty years Aamir has been involved in various visual effects projects in several countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and New York. Aamir is now working as Technical Director at Blue sky studios Connecticut, a sister company of 20th century FOX. Aamir has worked on several animated movie projects such as Robots, Ice Age 2 The Meltdown, Dr.Seuss Horton Hears a Who, and Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs. He is currently working on Rio and Ice Age 4.

Aamir resumed painting again as a serious part time hobby picking up from the point where he left off twenty years ago, but with better control over pigments then ever before. His work still reflects the origin where he started his art career.

After working in several different art related fields for so many years in so many countries, my critical point of view about Art has changed quite a lot.

"There’s no good or bad in Art, every art is just different for different people".

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