IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011   

Fareen Butt
Fareen Butt

Fareen Butt



The works are of representational landscapes. The chosen landscapes are places rendered as sacred by the many belief systems of the world. They are inspired by the calling of genetic memory: The artist's mother came from the rugged regions of the Hindu Kush whilst her father came from the Himalayas. When the artist started to work with images of these mountains, a strong inner familiarity was triggered and has compelled the artist to work with this subject matter ever since. Expressed through the solid, exceptional medium of gemstones and precious metals, the works embody the opulent existence of permanence and omnipresence found to permeate from these landscapes.

These works are created by the artist in her signature technique of Gemstone painting. The technique of application includes pointillism; well known artists of this style include France's Seurat and the more contemporary abstract expressionist Richard Pousette-Dart. The technique also includes an adaptation of such methods as Gemstone Painting of Persia and Hindostan, as well as the ancient Japanese technique of Nihonga. Both techniques use pigments derived from precious and semiprecious stones. Contemporaries of this technique include Hiroshi Senju, Chen Wenguang, and Makoto Fujimara.

About the artist:

Fareen Butt is a Gemstone Painter who has been painting and exhibiting for a decade now. She spent her childhood in California, and has also lived in Mexico, Cameroon, Canada, and Pakistan. She has traveled extensively around the world, exhibiting in Dubai, Pakistan, New York, Egypt and will be exhibiting next year in Canada, Paris, Germany, New York, Dubai, Bangladesh and India.

The artist's technique technique is a cross between South- and Far- East Asian, as well as European classical methods.

Conceptually, the Mirage Series has been inspired by sacred landscapes around the world. The Akasa Series has been inspired by Sufi and Vedic philosophies of light.

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