IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011   

Rahul Mitra
Rahul Mitra


Rahul Mitra is an artist, printmaker, writer, scientist and entrepreneur, born in Hyderabad, India, now living in Houston. Mitra’s work is an interpretation of how time and space (localization or globalization) influences perception (cultural or individual or political). He explores this urban perception by capturing the images out on the streets. The incongruence of social, economic and cultural status creates rhythms, colors, and emotions on the streets. The mixing of such incongruent elements is the striking feature urban life, fueled by the optimism of the emerging global cultural influences. There is however, an underlying sense of helplessness and the emergence of the great socio-economic divide.

Exhibitions (completed and upcoming)


  1. Museo De Arte Moderno, Trojillo, Peru, September 2010
  2. Dialogues in Disparity, University of Houston, Clearlake, TX, USA July 2010
  3. Über Progressive, One9Zero6 Gallery, San Antonio, TX July 2010
  4. Babel, Space 37, New York City, NY, June 2010
  5. The Art of Culture, Museum of Cultural Arts, Houston May 2010
  6. Dis, Dat, Deez, and Dos, The Joanna, Houston, March 2010
  7. 18 for the Money, Lone Star Studios, San Antonio, March 2010
  8. American Printmakers workshop, Universidad de Veracruzana, Xalapa, Mexico, March 2010
  9. Pongos helping Pongos, Charity Show with the primates, Houston Zoo, Houston, Texas January 2010 (sold out artist)
  10. Artopia, Art Show Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas, January 2010
  11. Confluence, Jahanghir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India, January 2010


  1. Confluence, Ray Art Gallery, Pune, India December 2009
  2. Blast India, First Contemporary Indian Art Exhibition in Houston, GGallery, Houston, Texas USA, December 2009Way, American Printmakers, Bratislava, Slovakia, November 2009 (Organized by American Embassy)
  3. Landscape of Life - Exhibition of Contemporary Printmakers of America, Belgrade, Serbia, September 2009 (Organized by American Embassy)
  4. Expressions, Dhoomimal City Gallery, Delhi, India, August 2009
  5. BIG Show, Lawndale Art Center, Juried show, Houston, Texas July 2009 (one of the 65 artists selected from 1000 competed)
  6. Way Out West, JP Morgan Chase, Houston, Texas USA, April 2009 (Asian Heritage Series)


  1. Climate Change, Hyderabad, Minaaz Gallery, Hyderabad, India, December 2008
  2. Ab initio, Solo Exhibition, Hasta Gallery, Hyderabad, India, August 2008
  3. Juried show, Art League of Houston, Texas USA, June 2008

Art League of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA November 2009
Art League of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA November 2010

University of Houston, Clear Lake, Houston July 2010

Linocut printmaking, The Art League of Houston, July-August 2009
Linocut printmaking, The Art League of Houston, October-December 2009
Linocut printmaking, The Art League of Houston, January-March 2010


  1. Rahul Mitra: "Dialogues from Disparate Worlds" The Indian-born artist explores social and economic disparity in his homeland By Bob Ruggiero Thursday, Jul 8 2010
  2. Rahul Mitra: Dialogues From Disparate Worlds Arts Hound Houston 2010
  3. "Blast India" A quartet of artists give us the view from here, there and everywhere By Julia Ramey Thursday, Dec 3 2009
  4. “Blast India” By Douglas Britt, Houston Chronicle, December 4, 2009
  5. “Way Way Out West” By Olivia Flores Alvarez Thursday, Apr 9 2009
  6. Urbanscape Artist By Shilpa Nair, Indian Express, India, August 2008
  7. Once a Hyderabadi, The Hyderabad Times, India, August 2008
  8. Ab initio, The Times of India, August 2008

Radio & TV
Spoken Word, Radio Interview with Artist and Writer Rahul Mitra By Ayn Morgan, KTRU 91.7 FM Houston June 26, 2010
MaaTV, eTV, NDTV, TV9 and ZeeTV (India) 2008

Cycle Chain Acid, 2009 in Tell Tales, Peepal Press UK
Sea of Glitter, 2008 in Gowanus, New York

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