IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2012

Aparajita Sen
Aparajita Sen

Aparajita Sen


I was born in India and spent my early childhood years in New Delhi. I took to drawing and pencil sketching at a very early age. My maternal grandfather, who was a well-known Indian artist and student in Shantiniketan under the tutelage of renowned poet and artist Rabindranath Tagore, was my inspiration. Subsequently, my family immigrated to the United States and I continued drawing through my school years. In college, I majored in Computer Science and Finance, not been given the opportunity to study Art. I found myself with little time to devote to my artwork. After graduating from St. Johns University, New York, I worked in the Financial/Banking field for ten years. During those years, despite the time constraints I was able to pursue my artistic interests by continuing to draw and sketch whenever I had the time.

My strong desire to study art led me to make the decision to forgo my career in banking and pursue a career in Fine Arts and I enrolled in art classes at the Visual Arts Center in Summit, New Jersey. I have since completed years of training, had the opportunity to work with many award winning artists and worked with various mediums such as oil, pastel, acrylic, charcoal and watercolor as well as mixed media.

Additionally, I have completed a Graphic Design Certification from Rutgers University, New Jersey in December 2008. Since then I have continued to develop my skills by working with various artists and expanding my artistic range by exploring abstractions with mixed media. Currently, I am enrolled in Visual Arts courses at Princeton University .

As an artist, my diverse background and multiple influences of different cultures in my life has steered me to explore the concept of iconography and mythological implications in eastern and western cultures   while merging traditional eastern symbols and presenting those in a western context. In addition, I enjoy capturing the effects of an amalgamation of different cultures and globalization of societies in all its glorious splendor, brilliant and vibrant colors. My style is mostly abstract as I also enjoy exploring the compositional possibilities in creating abstractions from everyday life. Working with oils and mixed media are most satisfying to me.
My mentors, New York artist/ Professor Eve Aschheim at Princeton University, pastel artist Dannielle Mick, and Anne Kullaf, have been my inspiration, they have guided me to work towards a looser and bolder style. I am also inspired by the works of some Abstract Expressionists like Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Asger Jorn, and other artists like Matisse, Picasso, Frederic Frieseke, Odilon Redon to name just a few.

I feel immense satisfaction to have found something about which I am so deeply passionate. Every day brings moments, thoughts and sceneries that provide new inspiration for creating my art works and it is ever so rewarding when an observer of my works shares my enthusiasm for the colorful visions I have created. 

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