IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2012

Anu Thadani
Anu Thadani

Anu Thadani


Anu Thadani was born in New Delhi, India, but has lived all over India.  She spent her teen years in Jakarta, Indonesia and came to the United States to attend college.  She currently resides in River Edge, New Jersey.   She received an MS in Cell and Molecular Biology from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Anu worked in research in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for many years, but decided to give it up to teach.  She teaches AP Biology and Forensics at a public high school in New Jersey.  Anu is a self-taught artist and has painted since she was in her teens.  Her medium of choice is oil on canvas.  This is Anu’s first exhibition. 

I consider my art fragments of my childhood memories of India.  Visual memories intertwined with the cacophony of sounds and bouquets of fragrances on a canvas of deep spirituality.  I paint to fill the void that nostalgia creates in me. I want my paintings to invoke the same nostalgia in the viewer.  I also want my paintings to represent the timelessness of the subjects.  My return to India after twenty-two years allowed me to witness this timelessness myself.  I choose rich and vibrant colors; these are the colors that come to my mind- and then my brush, when I think of India.  I keep my subjects slightly fuzzy and abstract, just like my memories. I prefer to work with oils, because they allow me to create the hazy depth of old memories. 

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