IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2012

Ruee V. Gawarikar
Ruee V. Gawarikar

Ruee V. Gawarikar



My works are about the predicament of an individual in a chaotic, urban environment. They stream from my experiences of being born and brought up in India. Having been part of a booming and vigorously developing nation, I witnessed  an extreme change in lifestyle and subsequently in the outlook and priorities. My paintings depict the extreme fragmentation of a multifaceted man arising from contrasting thoughts of higher aspirations and complex material ambitions. They portray the excesses of humans and subsequent consequences on the psyche and mind.

Accordingly, these works are exaggerated, unrestrained and dramatic in style.  Drawing is an important aspect of my works  - hence the dominance of the color black. My forms show   influence of a wide variety of sources, the sculptures of the  Ajanta – Ellora caves, animation,  and expressionist art.  The drama and story telling aspects are drawn from my background in classical Indian dance. I often use Indian folk tales, myths and legends, juxtaposing them with contemporary issues and stories.

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