IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2014

Niamul Bari
Niamul Bari
Niamul Bari

During my traveling, I try to get the feelings of nature, human activities, ritual and spirituality. When I came to New York, I saw many interesting things. There were different kinds of people and life style. On the subway stations and the streets, I saw many interesting textures and colors, it happened automatically. When I use the objects on my paintings, objects loose their quality, they make their own languages. My personality is self-thought with spirituality. When I do my artwork with spirituality, I would go to the unconscious level.



  • 2009 Studio Art-The Art Students League of NY.
  • 1997 Post Diploma in Sculpture-The Visva-Bharati University in India.
  • 1995 MFA in Sculpture in The Institute of fine Arts in Dhaka University in Bangladesh.
  • 1991 BFA in Ceramics in The Institute of fine Arts in Dhaka University in Bangladesh.

Open Studio:

  • 2012 GO: a community-curated open studio project,Brooklyn Museum.NY NARS Foundation.NY.

Solo Exhibition:

  • 2013 Gallery 1199.NY 2010 Dhaka Art Center in Bangladesh.
  • 2011 Dhaka Art Center in Bangladesh.(artist talk)
  • 2008 Post-Work-‘invited artist’ at Soho in NY.
  • 1998 Gorky Sadan Gallery in Russian Cultural Center in Kolkata ,India.

Important Group Exhibition:

  • 2012 NARS Foundation,
    NY Dharapath Art Space,
    Bangladesh Institute of Art & Culture,Dhaka.
  • 2011 NARS Foundation,
    NY Queens Museum of Arts,NY.
    Aicon Gallery,NY
    Wang Center of Arts, NY.
    Jorgensen Gallery, University of Connecticut, Ct.
    Gallery 57’ in NY.
  • 2010 Invited Artist group show in The Tokyo Art Museum in Japan.
  • 2006-9 Painting Exhibition at The ASL of NY.
  • 2007 ‘Art Exhibition’ at Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC.
    ‘Small work’ show at Soho 20 gallery in Chelsea.
    ‘Lineal Investigations’-invitational exhibition in Housatonic Museum.CT.
    Merit Scholarship exhibition in The ASL of NY.
  • 2003 Sculpture exhibition in The ASL of NY.
    Art exhibition at Martin Luther King Jr. gallery in NY.
  • 2002 Sculpture exhibition in The ASL of NY.
    Art exhibition at Martin Luther King Jr. gallery in NY.
  • 1999-01 Sculpture show in The ASL of NY.
  • 1995 Sculpture show in the Institute of the Fine Arts-Dhaka University in BD.
    The contemporary Art gallery Shilpangon in Bangladesh.
  • 1994 10th Young Artist Art exhibition in Shilpokala Academy in Bangladesh.
    11th National Art Exhibition in Shilpokala Academy in Bangladesh.
    ‘A Traveling Art exhibition in South Asia-1994’
    Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh , India.
  • 1992 10th National Art Exhibition in Shipokala Academy in Bangladesh.
  • 1991 Art Exhibition of reputed Bangladeshi Artist at Saju Art gallery.


  • 2008 Blue Dot award in painting. The ASL of NY
  • 2006 The Suki Kujian Memorial Merit scholarship. The ASL of NY
  • 1996 The Camlin scholarship.India.


  • 2011 Artist talk at Dhaka Art center.Bangladesh.
  • 2008-9 Lenia ’08 & Lenia ’09-The ASL Artist review by curator Pam Koob.NY.
  • 2008 ‘Priobangla’-review 35th Anniversary of Bangladesh independence.
  • 2007 Lenia summer ’07 The ASL of NY.
    Lenia Fall ’07-The ASL interview by Brian Ormond.
  • 2002 &03 Artist interview and review in 1199 member journel.NY.
  • 1998 Samsad pratidin’ artist review by Arindam Datta.India.
    Artist review and interview by Shubuth Sarkar-‘Ananda Bazar Patrika’(Newspaper).India.
    The Asian age’ artist review by Shandip Misra.India.
  • 1997 Artist talk and slide show at Dhaka University.Bangladesh.
  • 1995 BBC –Bangoli program interview by Praggalaboni at Shilpangan.Dhaka.
  • 1994 Durdarshan India TV interview at Gorky Sadan.India.


Housatonic Museum .CT.
Sculpture Dpt. Charukala institute of Dhaka University Bangladesh.
Personal collection India , Bangladesh ,Greece,US. 


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