IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2014

Pinku Roy-Bari
Pinku Roy-Bari

Through my artworks, I express my veiw on life to the point of exposing my inner self. I begin with inquisitiveness towards natural phenomenon and a level of metamorphasis of ideas and art languages various images by painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

Superimposed several layers of forms and figures create a motives and symbols play an essential part in shaping in my works. Clerly seen in, I use of embroidered textiles images and floral form and mythical references. I express a respect for the distinctness if the culture I explore. The results are painstakingly details and vibrantly hued that reveal themselves over time and reflect profoundly on the relationship between the present and the past and the richness of multicultiral identities-reform myself.

The observations extends to all of life in the process, I realized that there is this particular point where me and my alter-ego stands together reflecting each other like a mirror and that is the very point where true life of a person is grasped- my self examination.

Mainly I am working on paper. When I am working with printmaking I find the same sensitiveness with paper and copper. I print different kind of experimental etching, softground, dry point, and aquatint on several copper plates and create several layers of form. Working with the whole printmaking process, I feel more involved. Sometimes the process that I didn’t except comes but I feel amazed because of the chemical.

My future plan is to do deep bite etching and color viscosity. I am intersted in continuing this process. From the financial way, I believe that the grant will help to continue my experiment.



  • 2001- Continuing education(Printmaking, Painting and Sculpture), The ASL of NY.
  • 2001- MFA in Painting. VB University.India.
  • 1999- BFA in Painting. VB University.India.

Important Exhibition:

  • 2011- Contemporary Indian Art Fair in Queens Museum of Art. - RED DOT’ show in the ASL of NY.
  • 2008-Printmaking group show in the ASL of NY.. -“RED DOT” show in the ASL of NY.
  • 2007-’Small Works’ show in Soho20 gallery. Chelsea. NY.
  • 2002- Annual Sculpture show in the ASL of NY.
  • 2001- Holiday show in the ASL of NY. Annual Sculpture show in the ASL of NY.
  • 2000-‘Ensemble’ a group of artist ‘Golden Jublee’ show.Chandigar.India - Painting on Enamel ,group show in the Alternative art gallery, India.

Scholarships :

  • 1994-1995-Merit scholarship from VB University.India.
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