IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2015

Delna Dastur
Delna Dastur
Delna Dastur

Over the years as I developed as an artist, I came to the realization that the process of creating a piece of art intrigues me as much as its subject matter. I am never satisfied with using one medium exclusively and always attempt to combine several.

The National Parks of Utah have been the inspiration for this budding new group of paintings. I have used the color, topography and texture of the landscape as the starting point to create abstract paintings.

I always endeavor to create work that is complex and multi-layered. With this group of paintings I start the process by painting the canvas with broad, gestural strokes, paying close attention to the choice of this initial color. I then spray the canvas with water, drop paint on it and tilt the canvas to aid its movement around. While this layer is still damp I spray rubbing alcohol to select areas, which causes the paint to “bloom,” revealing the base color and creating intricate, unexpected patterns.

I complicate this blossoming image further by using woodblocks and rubber stamps to create yet more new marks and patterns. For this step I use geometric wooden textile blocks from India, always attentive to the choice and distribution of color.

Next comes the building up of textures. I rake through gels, pastes and clear gessoes using hardware implements. Pumice gels recreate the gritty texture of the land, and molding paste is carved to emulate other landscape features.

The painting arises from this base of color, pattern and texture. The application of paint revels in the planes of the Utah landscape, dense and transparent, fluid and rock solid. I want to strike a mood, to create a sense of place and time, sometimes delicate at other times powerful. I attempt to guide the organic growth of the painting with great care. Intuition is my greatest tool and interpretation is left to the beholder.

I endeavor to transport the viewer beyond the lure of color and subject matter. I want him to feel the intensity of my commitment.

2000 – Advanced Abstract Art, The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia
1977 – M.F.A.–Oil Painting, The American University, Washington D.C.
1971 – B.A.– Art History, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts
1967 – B.A.– English/French, The University of Bombay, India

2009 – Juror, Capitol Hill Art League
2008 – Lecture on ‘Appreciating Abstract Art’ at the Prince of Wales Museum, and at Gallery Beyond, Mumbai, India
2006 – Present, Faculty,Smithsonian Associates, Washington DC
2002 – Present, Faculty,The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia
2006 – Faculty, Vanderzee School of Art, Alexandria, Virginia
2006 – Juror, Capitol Hill Art League
1971-1974 – Smithsonian Institution, Curatorial assistant

2011 – Gallery Plan b, Washington DC, Two Person Show
2011 – Esperanza Education Fund Exhibit, Solo Show
2010 – Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi, India, Solo Show
2009 – Capital One, The Corporate Art Program, McLean, Virginia, Two Person Show
2005 – The Market Street Bar and Grill, Reston, Virginia, Solo Show
2005 – The Pierce School, Washington DC, Solo Show
2003 – Heritage India Gallery/Lounge, Washington D.C., Solo Show
2002 – The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Solo Show
2002 – Carspecken-Scott Gallery, Wilmington, Delaware, Two Person Show
2000 – The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia, Solo Show
2000 – The Shoreby Club, Cleveland, Ohio, Solo Show

2014 – Faculty Show, The Atheneum, Alexandria, Virginia
2014 – Erasing Borders, Indo American Arts Council, New York, Queens Museum, traveling exhibit
2014 – Faculty Show, The Art League Alexandria, Virginia
2014 – Esperanza Education Fund Exhibit
2013 – Gallery Plan b, Washington DC,

Page 2 – Delna Dastur Resume
2013 – Saffron Art Gallery, Mumbai, Delhi
2013 – Faculty Show, The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia
2012 – Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi, India
2012 – Erasing Borders, Indo American Arts Council, New York, Aicon Gallery, traveling exhibit
2012 – Faculty Show, The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia
2011 – Twelve Gates Gallery, Philadelphia
2011 – Erasing Borders, Indo American Arts Council, New York,
Queens Museum, traveling exhibit
2011 – Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library
2010 – Katzen Art Center, Washington DC
2009 –India Art Summit, New Delhi
2009 – Auction for Nanubhai Organization, Nonprofit Organization, New York
2008 – Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi, India
2008 – Saffron Art Website,
2008 – Erasing Borders, Indo American Arts Council, New York,
Queens Museum, traveling exhibit
2008 – Gallery Beyond, Mumbai, India
2007 – Katzen Art Center, Washington DC
2006 –Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India,
2006 – The Ninth Street Gallery, Washington DC
2006 – Art Musings, Mumbai, India
2005 – The Grinning Byrd Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
2004 – Erasing Borders, Indo-American Arts Council, New York, various galleries, traveling exhibit
2003 – Prince Street Gallery, New York, New York
2001 – Greater Reston Art Center, Reston, Virginia
2000 – The Principle Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia
1993-2000 – The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia
1993-2000 – The Capitol Hill Art League, Washington D.C.

2014 – Gallery Plan b, Washington DC. Group show

Full student scholarship to Wellesley College
Full student scholarship to the American University
Several professional awards

Page 3 – Delna Dastur Resume PUBLICATIONS
2014 – The
2012 – Fezana Journal, Spring Issue
2011 – Washington Post Review of art show at Gallery Plan b, November
2010 –SPAN, article, March/April issue
2010 – Time Out Delhi, Critic’s Choice and review, March issue
2010 – First City, review, February issue
2010 – Indian Express, review, February
2010 – SPAN calendar, Published by the U.S. Embassy in India
2010 – Gallery Art Motif Calendar, New Delhi, India
2009 – The Mint, New Delhi
2009 – Gallery Art Motif Calendar
2009 – The Hindu, New Delhi
2009 – The EXPRESS News Line
2008 – Afternoon Paper, Mumbai, India
2008 – Art League Calendar
2007 – Art League Calendar
2006 – Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India, Catalog – A Work of Art, A work on Paper
2000 – Elan Magazine, Cover and lead article
2000 – The International Indian
The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The McLean Gazette

State Bank of India, New York, NY
Hilton Hotel Worldwide Headquarters, Virginia
Astra Zeneca, Wilmington, Delaware
PRTM, Washington DC
Private collections in the United States, London, Hong Kong and India
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