IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2015

Renuka Khanna
Renuka Khanna


I donít set myself out to produce art focused on any one singular subject. The subject matter of my work is an ever-fluid understanding of the visual world around me; interpretations of what I see, feel and experience. A pen or pencil in hand, I am always drawing and sketching; most never see the light of day while others are built upon many times over as they develop into deeper expressive images as my Art. But these expressions, like the underlying subject matter, are not singular Ė at various times, Iíve fallen in love with the techniques used by Renaissance and Medieval artisans (painters, draftsmen, crafters and engravers), Buddhist cave painters in India and more modern Aboriginal artists in Australia. I want to share my fluid artistic impressions with viewers with the hope they, in turn, have uniquely personal interpretations of my work.

Born in Delhi, India, Renuka Khannaís earliest memories involve the often overwhelming sights, sounds and smells of Old Delhi. She obtained a MA from Delhi University and subsequently moved to the US in 1978. Art as a creative outlet has been a constant in her life, despite taking a backseat to further education, pursuing a 30+ year career as a financial controller and raising two children. Once she and her husband found themselves with an empty nest, Renuka decided to re-pursue her passion for art by, among other things, enrolling in the Art Students League of New York, where she studied under Ms. Barbara Adrian for over 5 years. Under Ms. Adrianís tutelage, she studied traditional methods of drawing, painting and the technique of egg tempura. In 2010, Renukaís painting was selected for publication in the Art Students League [annual] catalog. Also in 2010, she joined Manhattan Graphics Center to study printmaking under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Kumar, who has been as great an influence on Renukaís work as those sights, sounds and smells of her youth in India. Renuka lives on a quiet street in Old Bridge, NJ with her husband and dog, Frankie.
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