IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2015

Sejal Krishnan
Sejal Krishnan
Sejal Krishnan

I see pattern and design in everything. From the fiery sunsets to the simple sprawling meadows. In a simple letter form to the tall buildings. Every visual is a painting. Translated by me in the form of a splash and a drop. Tiny gold specks which bid farewell in the inky darkness of the midnight sky to the reflections of light which dance and illuminate the many still waters. My thoughts, my perceptions, my experiences have been my journey. My artwork has been my expression.
“I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

I have been working as a textile and graphic designer for nearly two decades. My design journey started in a graphic design school in Mumbai, meandered through a textile design degree at the National Institute of Design, India, and continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. I have worked with major textile companies all around the globe as a design and development specialist. Along the way I also started focusing on teaching art and design to children when I was asked to assist the art department at her children's school. Having seen that every child perceives differently and creatively, I am eager to share my experience to help children explore their creative side and learn how to design for a purpose. I have started working on various projects with NGO’s in India where I help with the development of products for self-help and income generation schemes with mentally and physically challenged children and women from under privileged families. Alongside I teach creative art and painting classes at the west Windsor Arts council .I continue working with a major importer in the US as a design and development consultant and have recently added to my repertoire of work by now venturing out with my own label of home textiles which were recently launched.

Having lived in France, Australia, Singapore and the US in the past decade I had several opportunities to view various artists and being greatly inspired by many, I started painting and experimenting with colors in my spare time. It has taken me nearly 2 years and 3 exhibitions to successfully perfect the technique that I am working on right now.
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